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DCRF Webinar 2: Track 2: Project Development Details and Q&A - Shared screen with speaker view
John Karyczak
Can we go through some example eligible projects, please. Just want to confirm that the focus of the fund is really for projects related to costal integrity. For example, could a wildlife land bridge apply? Could energy or waste oriented projects be allowed?
Todd Fontanella
Please move on to eligible projects - thanks!
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Thank you for this feedback John and Todd. We will go over the review criteria and eligible activities for Track 2 that are how we will judge an eligible project.
Kelsey Sudol
Is there a minimum amount you have to apply for either track?
Greg Reilly
To be clear, "planning" means broad planning for a community or region, not for one specific project. Correct?
John Karyczak
How is a municipality able to do track 1 and then track 2 given the listed deadlines? Seems very tight
Elizabeth Kirmmse, Fuss & O'Neill
on track 2 does a non profit need to apply in conjunction with the municipality or can they apply on their own?
Kelsey Sudol, NWCD and LWTF
:) Thank you!
Kelsey Sudol, NWCD and LWTF
It's no problem! Again, I appreciate it.
Greg Reilly
Will you, or maybe CIRCA, help us identify what the federal funding opportunities are?
Cynthia Rabinowitz
Do projects focusing on improving local/regional agriculture e.g. soil health, qualify as regional climate resilience?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
There is a list of federal resilience funding opportunities in the program description. Each federal program goes into detail on the types of projects they will fund and that can inform what your project should be for Track 2. We want you to be targeting a federal funding source with your Track 2 proposal.
Mike Ahern
If you have a Track 2 project identified, but did not go thru Track 1 and did not do any formal Public Outreach, do you need to do Public Info Mtgs BEFORE you submit Track 2 application?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Please contact CIRCA for their availability to provide assistance.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Erik Mas
This may have already been answered earlier, but can applicants submit more than one application?
Elizabeth Kirmmse, Fuss & O'Neill
Should we also be demonstrating adherence to STAPLEE in this app, for example, if going for BRIC?
John Karyczak
Are the vulnerable populations for the entire community at large or just those within the projects design region?
Beth Kirmmse, Fuss & O'Neill
If question 8 & 9 for Vulnerable Communities are "no" can you still answer 10 & 11?
Greg Reilly
thank you for that list of fed grants
Beth Kirmmse, Fuss & O'Neill
Is a community liaison a reimbursable expense if you don't check 8 & 9 in the vulnerable populations questions?
Megan Granato
Can I ask a question about the required connection to a previous plan please?
Gail Robinson
If a project is located across two municipalities and only one is an EJ municipality, can I check off the EJ box?
Diane Mas
Can an applicant submit more than one application or be on a team on more than one application?
Greg Reilly
These slides will be emailed to us participants?
Diane Mas
There is a wide range of eligible applicants, will there be a preference for municipal or non-profit entities or are private entities (i.e., businesses) equality competitive if there is benefit to a community, not just the private entity.
Aaron Budris
COGs were not listed as likely applicants for track 2.  We were considering a regional application that would advance already identified resilience projects in several of our communities. Would a regional portfolio of these projects be eligible for track 2? ​If so, do specific projects need to be identified in the application, or would the prioritization and project selection process be part of the funded project?
Mike Ahern
Thanks. Previous mtgs included wetland commission and Town Council. Good feedback!
Mike Ahern
If your (Town sponsored) project involves a state (DOT) structure, what level of support (if any) is needed from the DOT? Letter of support, DOT as a co-applicant, ???
Greg Reilly
David Michel
quite informative. Thank you. gtg.
Ashley Benitez (Climate Planning, DEEP)
PROTECT: Promoting Resilient Operations for Transformative, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Transportation
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Eligible projects funded under this program include nature-based solutions, such as green infrastructure;flood prevention, climate resilience, and erosion control systems; and gray infrastructure and nonstructural project solutions that improve community resilience to climate-related hazards. Projects in thisprogram must be integrated in existing plans that ensure their eligibility for federal funding throughexisting and new resilience programs. Projects that advance nature-based solutions, hybrid approaches,address multiple issues, and/or include non-structural solutions will be more competitive.
Christine O'Neill
Thank you so much! We are excited to apply.
Rania Campbell-Bussiere, GZA
Thank you! This is a great opportunity
Diane Mas
Thank you for all the information.
Patrick Carleton
thank you