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Governor's Executive Order 21-3 on Climate - Shared screen with speaker view
Charles Rothenberger
Will this preclude the adoption of weakening amendments to the ICC model Code by the Codes and Standards Committee?
Christine O'Neill
"Train code officials" - does this mean at the state level, or will local code officials also be trained?
Kristin Cianflone
Robert Maddox
will that also apply to UCONN, state colleges?
Alicia Dolce
Relative to the goal to “continue recruitment of members with expertise in these areas” for the Code & Standards committee: How will recruitment for experts be handled?
Peter Schweinfurth
I heard that IECC 2021 was adopted unamended and will become the official CT building code in October. Is that correct?
Diane Hoffman
Will you be offering training to local zoning officials?
Gannon Long
how close is the state of CT to that 100% zero carbon purchase and generation goal by 2030?
Gannon Long
Is there a transition plan for medium and heavy duty state vehicles - these do more damage to roads and air than light duty (generally)
Francis Pickering
Will lenders factor lower utility costs resulting from new building codes into mortgage financing (thus allowing larger monthly payments, which can cover the higher upfront cost of energy efficiency?)
Alicia Dolce
What resources does DEEP have to train new and existing code officials on construction techniques that lower emissions? Is DEEP looking for partners to realize this goal?
Gannon Long
Plans due in 2023, excellent - is there a deadline or goal for plan implementation?
Rose Croog
Robert Maddox, GreenerGov targets apply to Executive Branch only (so not higher education institutions like UConn) but UConn has various established sustainability commitments (see https://sustainability.uconn.edu/reports/). UConn is also a voluntary participant of the GreenerGov CT Steering Committee on State Sustainability.
Matthew Plourd
RE: Section 3 - Where can we access the methodology that resulted in those 1 & 2% divestment figures?
Robert Maddox
For #4, is that piggy backing on California rules?
Melissa Kops
Will state deployed solar installation be made available as community solar for affordable housing?
Susan Masino
In deploying solar on "state property" are you intending this to be buildings, parking lots, etc?
Gannon Long
Great question Matt Plourd
Eric Hammerling
In Section 3, what do you mean by "divest" 1% & 2% of building square footage? Will it be conveyed or converted to private ownership, or be put out of action?
Julia Dumaine
@Robert Maddox, we are considering products that have existing standards developed by other states, like CA, or ENERGY STAR standards.
John DiModica
very little info related to this in the GreenerGovCT webpage??
John DiModica
Gannon Long
Great question Eric re: divestment
Susan Masino
Can divested property across the state be retrofit to become affordable housing?
Rose Croog
Gannon Long, at this time, electricity purchased for state executive branch currently does not exceed the state Renewable Portfolio Standard (https://portal.ct.gov/PURA/RPS/Renewable-Portfolio-Standards-Overview). However, planning is underway to meet the target established in the new climate EO.
Cassaundra Rose, ME Gov. Office of Policy Innovation & Future
How are you defining vulnerable populations?
Randall Anway
How/where are nature-based solutions defined?
Christine O'Neill
Would "vulnerable populations" equate to EJ communities?
Gannon Long
Thank you Rose - I'm vaguely familiar with the RPS - wondering if we are now at like, 10%, 40%, or...? do we know? Or is the methodology still being developed?
Rose Croog
Reporting on progress towards the GreenerGov CT interim targets will be integrated into future progress reports. (Available here - https://portal.ct.gov/GreenerGov/Progress/Reports). 2022 Progress report will be released in Q122!
Angel Serrano
Is it true that a marketing company got funds. Why?
Jean de Smet
Is there a deadline for the CCCRP?
Ralph Jones
Placing solar on available state lands makes sense as long as that does not mean extensive removing of trees and other natural carbon storage environment care. Is this part of the planning?
Rose Croog
Gannon, about 30%. More information here - https://portal.ct.gov/PURA/RPS/Renewable-Portfolio-Standards-Overview
Alanis Allen
Register for CIRCA's 2022 Municipal Resilience Grant Program Overview on Friday, January 7, 2022, 12 – 1 PM https://departmentofenergyandenvironmentalprotection.cmail20.com/t/j-l-zjuydkd-ittujujltk-p/
Gannon Long
thank you Rose!
Rick Newton
Will CIRCA revisit the 20” SLR guidance given that there is probably more up to date information to provide a better forecast?
Jeff Howard (CT DEEP)
CIRCA plans to periodically revisit the Sea Level Rise forecast and issue new guidance as needed.
Eric Hammerling
Randall, "nature-based solutions" is defined in section 9C of the E.O. as follows: "Funding shall be made available for design of nature-based solutions (which for purposes of this order shall include but not be limited to green infrastructure as defined by the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. § 1362(27)), natural infrastructure and nature-based infrastructure as defined by the National Oceanic and AtmosphericAdministration ("NOAA") in NAO 216-117, nature-based solutions as promulgated by FEMA in their Building Resilient Infrastructure in Communitiesprogram, and climate-smart agriculture and forestry strategies as promulgated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture ("USDA") and for flood prevention, climate resilience and erosion control systems as defined by Public Act 21-115, gray infrastructure, and non-structural, project solutions."
Julia Dumaine
@Gannon Long, PURA has an annual docket dedicated to reviewing and verifying all electric suppliers compliance with the RPS in that year. If a supplier falls short of their Class I/II/III requirements, they are required to pay an alternative compliance payment. You can see the 2020 RPS compliance filings in PURA docket 21-06-01
Randall Anway
Ramadan Gherri
Our company provides turn-key energy efficiency services (energy audits/implementation of measures) to the small commercial and industrial customers. To get incentives for the EnergizeCT programs to help customers, financially replace old inefficient equipment (HVAC, motors, etc.) to a more energy efficient equipment we must exceed the codes. So as the state buildings codes increase so is the loss of incentives for many of the customers we work with. This makes it very challenges for us to convince customers to move forward with many of the measures that if the incaves are provided, the customers would more likely implement the measures. The utilities are stating that it is state who is deciding these rules. We are asking that the incentives be provided to any equipment for any equipment that MEET or exceed the state codes not only equipment that exceed the state codes. Thank you.
Katie Lund
Information on CIRCA’s Municipal Resilience Grant Program and registration for the webinar this Friday, Jan 7th can be found here: https://circa.uconn.edu/funds-muni-2/
Gannon Long
Stormwater investment is important - hopefully this work leads to consolidation of water services in the state, which has almost 500 separate water management entities; median customer base about 150 people (CT Examiner, Feb 2021)
Christine O'Neill
Love to hear that we are investing in our culverts! Housatonic Valley Association has done some great work on this with their Road Stream Crossing Assessments for several towns throughout CT. This has a dual benefit of climate resilience but also connectivity among ecosystems and aquatic habitat.
Rep David Michel (146th) Stamford
Gannon Long
Julia - thanks, I was asking how far along the exec branch currently is on the 100% renewables goal. Rose responded about 30%.
Melissa Kops
Was there any discussion about implementing indoor air quality standards?
Rose Croog
RE: Section 3 - Where can we access the methodology that resulted in those 1 & 2% divestment figures? Based on the latest record from January 2021, Executive Branch agencies own roughly 30 million square feet. Proposed OPM state asset liquidation plans include divesting approximately 8 buildings over the next 5-7 years totaling around 600,000 square feet as teleworking trends and social distancing requirements play out. OPM anticipates achieving up to 3-4 building divestments in two years with the additional 4-5 building divestments in closer to 7 years.To create a conservative interpretation of these plans, GreenerGov CT used a ~1% divestment in state building square footage by 2022 compared to the FY19 square footage baseline and a ~2% divestment in overall state building square footage by 2028.
Rose Croog
Q: Plans due in 2023, excellent - is there a deadline or goal for plan implementation? A: at this time, no, but that will be a major component of what the plans establish.
Melissa Kops
Does climate control mean HVAC systems prioritizing heat pumps?
Gannon Long
Are there particular "lessons from ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery" that are relevant with goal 16?
Susan Masino
The issue of mental health was also featured in the Science and Technology working group report. It is caused/worsened by air pollution and heat stress (among many, many other things). We have a serious and escalating issue across the state and need every available tool for prevention. Several opportunities for prevention were outlined in our report.
Melissa Kops
Air pollution also directly affects mental health.
Bernard Pelletier
Central Air should only be replaced by Heat Pumps - little extra cost and substantial heating capability. With proper controls you can switch between legacy heating and heat pumps seamlessly.
Susan Masino
100% Melissa and also correlated with poor cognition, dementia etc.
Gannon Long
Why are the environmental justice representatives on the board a minority of membership?
Matthew Plourd
RE: S17, on CEEJAC membership: does the EO suggest that the three representative seats for EJ communities - a small number as is - could be filled entirely or partially by “academics with knowledge” of these issues, rather than residents of communities with firsthand experience?
Alicia Dolce
To add onto Bernie’s comment, heat pumps will also address the goal in #1 to provide for more affordable heating and cooling for residents and businesses. Two for One!
Melissa Kops
Heat pumps are also healthier because they eliminate air pollution caused by onsite fossil fuel combustion.
Rose Croog
Q: In Section 3, what do you mean by "divest" 1% & 2% of building square footage? Will it be conveyed or converted to private ownership, or be put out of action? A: This includes buildings that are removed from the state’s portfolio and may include divestment outcomes such as building demolition or private purchase.
Francis Pickering
In the next couple years, new air conditioning technology with up to 80% energy reduction is expected to be commercialized -- shape metal alloys and desiccant liquid storage systems. There may be a role to accelerate their deployment.
Matthew Plourd
Assuming that community members are included on CEEJAC, will they be compensated for their time so that meaningful participation from EJ communities can be achieved?
Edith Pestana
With respects to representative from EJ communities the intent is to seek residents of ej communities to become members. The commissioner can appoint more than 3 members to the CEEJAC.
Rose Croog
Q: Can divested property across the state be retrofit to become affordable housing? A: Thank you for this suggestion.
Robert LaFrance
Who will be leading this effort?
Robert LaFrance
Thank you!
Robert Maddox
With Covid, we saw thousands of Connecticut residents reject science. I did not see any announced efforts to deal with the rejection of climate science. I would strongly encourage the administration to work to raise trust in state government, depoliticize climate and gain bi-partisan support for these and other actions.
Alicia Dolce
@Robert - Thoughtful observation and recommendation for the need to overtly depoliticize climate science and goals
Steven Wallett
Great presentation Rebecca. Thank you for all your work!
Christine O'Neill
Any chance you can give us a high-level overview of how this will impact municipalities? Seems like a lot of action is happening at the state level, in a few cases seems like training and programs/grants will be made available to munis?
Sena Wazer
How were deadlines for the different actions decided/are they in line with 45% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030?
Alana Langdon
Look forward to learning more about impact on advancing zero-emission transportation in the state.
Alicia Dolce
There were several questions raised in #1 that were not answered.
Susan Masino
100% agree on science, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary science. We cannot fix complex problems in silos which is why Science and Technology recommended "multisolving" as a central theme to help find optimal solutions.
Ann Frank Zitkus
The least costly way to address climate change and its impacts, is to preserve forests with old growth designation. Old Growth forests will maximize carbon sequestration, maximizing forest resiliance and diversity of species, and mitigate the terrible consequences of invasive species on our native vegetaiton necessary for our native species to survive.
Angel Serrano
Did a marketing company get funding for educating the public or other reasons?
lynne bonnett
Is there any way you could icorporate the need for standardized electric vehicle charging stations and providing access for residents to publicly charge their vehicles?
Gannon Long
PURA is doing extensive work on EV charging, Lynne
Susan Masino
100% Ann Frank Zitkus. There are many peer reviewed papers on this as well as a recent piece in The Hill by titans in the field, including the recently deceased scientist who founded the field of biodiversity, Thomas Lovejoy III https://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/581612-us-forests-hold-climate-keys
Rose Croog
Q: How were deadlines for the different actions decided/are they in line with 45% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030? A: Related to GreenerGov interim targets in the climate EO, all of the new interim targets established in the climate EO were based off of modeling done to estimate the level of project deployment and associated costs of potential strategies needed to reach and/or exceed the goals set forth in EO 1.
Barbara DAVID
Wonderful presentation. Thank-you, Rebecca.
Rose Croog
The finalized methodology will be released on the GreenerGov CT website later this quarter.
Melissa Kops
The 2021 IECC is currently being reviewed. The draft is due out this month, but I think we are all wondering if this EO mandates them not to amend it down?
Kaitlyn Cyr
You can learn more about PURA’s EV Charging Program here: https://portal.ct.gov/pura/electric/office-of-utility-programs-and-initiatives/clean-energy-programs/electric-vehicle-charging-program
Angel Serrano
Can u address my question?
Wayne Cobleigh
Contractors will need FORTIFIED training if it becomes required in building code
Ann Frank Zitkus
DEEP Forestry Division's website and publications on Forest Management does not provide the negative consequences of timbering. Obviously some timbering necessary, but advocating for forest managment with a timbering perspective is allowing for disinformation to be commonly accepted. Forest ecologists should be providing forest management care provisions. Forest ecologists are looking out for the best health our of forests in substantial conflict with the advocacy of timbering which allows for invasive species spreading, less diverse forests, less resiliency, less species diversity.
Matthew Plourd
Thank you for this presentation Rebecca! I asked earlier in section 3: where can we access the methodology that resulted in those 1 & 2% divestment figures? (As well as other methodology that resulted in % targets throughout the EO)
Robert LaFrance
Thanks to all who put on this forum today -- extremely helpful!
Christine O'Neill
Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation, this has given me so much to think about!
Rose Croog
@Matthew Plourd, Q: In Section 3, what do you mean by "divest" 1% & 2% of building square footage? Will it be conveyed or converted to private ownership, or be put out of action? A: This includes buildings that are removed from the state’s portfolio and may include divestment outcomes such as building demolition or private purchase. The finalized methodology report will be released on the GreenerGov CT website later this quarter.
Allen Kratz
Very helpful presentation. Exciting work ahead.
Eric Hammerling
Really appreciate this overview, Rebecca. Thanks!
Susan Eastwood
Could you post a link for the newsletter sign up?
Cierra Patrick
Thank you!
Anne Hulick
Thank you Rebecca. Very encouraging! Agree w/ Gannon-dates of 2023 are excellent and eager to hear about goals for full implementation.
Nicholas Ross
Do people mean the IgCC, and not the IECC?
John Barnowski
Thanks to all of you who have been active developing GC3. I am only a bystander, involved with land conservation. I applaud this effort!
Susan Eastwood
Thanks so much! Very informative!
Ann Frank Zitkus
Check out the writing of Edward Moomaw, Edward Fiason and forest ecologists for their scientific perspectives on proper forest care practices which are essentially to leave forests alone, they can take care of themselves.
Alicia Dolce
Thank you for this review. Very helpful. Will these slides be available?
Amy Blaymore Paterson
Thanks for this overview. We look forward to outreach and implementation.
Alanis Allen
Climate Solutions Newsletter: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/j/19E73F2E0479003B
Angel Serrano
Any mention of Solar trees vs solar panels?
Matthew Plourd
Thank you Rose, I’ll look out for that on the site!
Diane Hoffman
We also need to protect and plant trees in our local communities to fight the heat island effect, reduce flooding, positively impact emotional and physical health etc. especially for vulnerable communities!
Nathan Frohling
Thanks so much!
Diane Hoffman
Leticia Colon
Thoughtful observation and recommendation for the need to overtly depoliticize climate science and goals- people can't support what they KNOW nothing about... NADA in our communities. We also can not connect to solar as renters- buses drive 1.5 hrs each wasy with kids - equity would get funds to build capacity in POC communities- and would get info to and from the POC communities.
Kristen Coperine
Susan Masino
Regarding forests there was a recent episode of Disrupted that gave a pretty balanced approach.
Sena Wazer
Thank you for the information Dr. French!
Kristin Barendregt-Ludwig
Thank you!
Angel Serrano
what Leticia said
Angel Serrano
agree with Leticia