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What's Working, What's Not: Recycling Education, Promotion and Enforcement - Shared screen with speaker view
Sherill Baldwin
Good afternoon everyone, the webinar will start in 15 minutes.
Sherill Baldwin
We'll start in 1 minute. Thank you.
Chris Nelson
If Brian Bartram is on the call, please let me know what number you are calling from
Sherill Baldwin
If you have questions, please put them here.
Kathleen Schomaker
have vyou had any issues with pink bag pick ups?
Delia Fey
Before this is over, can we talk about Extended Producer Responsibility? How can we support getting this law off the ground and grow support for it before it goes to a vote?
Kim O'Rourke
What will Mitch do with the smoke detectors?
Delia Fey
What kind of textiles are collected?
Cyril May
mitch: do you use oops tags or check trash and recycling carts for enforcement?
I’d like to learn more about how to get plastic bag and wrap recycling at our transfer station
Can DEEP use WIWO to develop single educational notices to help educate residents--for example no paint/no motor oil/no plastic bags/no tanglers etc that can be left at addresses that have contaminants in blue carts? Template notices for all communities to use.
Jessyka Patterson
for brian- did you say that you direct mail your sampler/flyer 10 times per year?
I wanted to add that I have printed your signs, in fact all the notices, etc., and I laminated them and put them directly on our blue bins. The participation of appropriate materials increased immediately and the signs ended all the inappropriate materials. Because I live in a condominium community, I have sent the signs to our property manager to laminate and post on all the other bins. I could only afford to do the bins for three buildings out of ten. But the signs on bins changed everyone’s behavior immediately. Plus, I look at my buildings bins every day and pull out whatever is contamination and put it in the appropriate person’s trash. Carol harper, Riversedge, Ivoryton (Essex) CT
Sherill Baldwin
Put any questions you have here.
Jessyka Patterson
could he repeat that textile info- simple recycling?
Kim O'Rourke
Does any town use Civic Plus for their muncipal website? And if you do, have you been able to get the recyclect wizard on it? We are having problems...
In Woodbridge we sent out a WIWO flier in our annual property tax mailer.
Jessyka Patterson
here in roxbury, we use bay state textiles- our bin is very similar to the redcross bin so differentiating them with signage. they come pick the bins up once per month and even can have them in schools which is a great engagement for kids. they also have great visual guides
I’d like to learn more about how to get plastic bag and wrap recycling at our transfer station. Also, could we perhaps share the emails of the speaker’s contact information and social media information so that we can follow each other and reach out with specific questions?
Delia Fey
Get towns to support EPR - shown to lower costs for towns, increases recycling rates by a LOT in other countries. Also, could change what trash incinerators are allowed to burn so they have to sort out the bad stuff so they can't burn it - they would be motivated to push producers and other parties trying to promote recycling to increase it so less is sent to the incinerator because what is sent there is burned and then buried in ash landfills when it can never be reused or recycled. Ash landfills are the worst option.
Kathleen Schomaker
Might REcycleCT consider testing various campaign strategies in different cities/towns to see what works?
Delia Fey
Promote to people that if they don't recycle then it will get burned and buried -- I don't think most people know that.
Jessyka Patterson
i would also like the contact info of speakers to ask further questions. specifically am interested in rack n pack at our transfer station.
Delia Fey
Also, I think a lot of people are not aware of the household hazardous waste pick up days. I was fairly in the know or so I thought in my town but was not aware they do the HHW days. We don't want that stuff burned or thrown in the trash. Also, people could be innefectively bringing them to the recycling transfer stations but turned away - when that happens then do they then throw it in the trash?
Jessyka Patterson
our transfer station operator is concerned that the plastic films would be a mess-
Delia Fey
I know many workplaces do not recycle. Can efforts be made to encourage them to recycle? I was told we can put all trash and recycles together in the trash can and it would be handled by the hauler -- I don't believe it actually happens.
Thank you, all!
Hi Delia,
All great points.
Delia Fey
if any one wants more about EPR, please email me at delia.fey@neccog.org