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Environmental Justice Webinars - Shared screen with speaker view
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Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
I think, in Hartford, the city is on Suckiag land.
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Stephanie Bahramian
You start with the enforcement of an existing law about no-idling!
Cary Lynch
Emissions are down from peak in 2004 largely due to CAFE but have remained static from 2012-2018
Patricia Taylor
CT's anti-idling law, compliance and enforcement information at https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Air/Mobile-Sources/Anti-Idling/Anti-Idling---Compliance-and-Enforcement#:~:text=The%20Regulations%20of%20Connecticut%20State,conditions%20exempted%20in%20the%20regulation.
Gannon Long
The problem with the idling law is the enforcement strategy
Gannon Long
particularly in municipalities with lots of speeding, and reckless driving, where enforcement of those dangerous actions is very low, it's unlikely a city or town police officer could, would or even should give a ticket for idling.
Gannon Long
not even parking authority officials are authorized to enforce - just police. it just won't ever be an enforcement priority in places wehre even traffic laws aren't an enforcement priority (IE Hartford)
Stephanie Bahramian
If the enforcers are the worst offenders, what are we to do? Until we tackle the problem of police cars idling for HOURS at a time, we will never address this problem.
Charlie Leavengood
Will there be a way to view these recordings after the meetings?
Our current transportation system that emphasizes highway transport is built on a "pyramid scheme": existing drivers who can afford cars have kids who eventually need cars, they have kids who need cars, etc. Although bikes are a cheap alternative for low-income individuals, this is not a year-round solution or one that serves the disabled. And bus transit only serves to increase traffic and is inefficient.The only way we are going to escape this viscious cycle, and reduce both emissions and traffic while offering social equity, is a nationwide mass transportation system. This must necessarily focus on local and intercity high-speed rail, whether underground, at-grade, or above-ground.
Flagstaff Sustainability
stephanie, agreed, police cars idling is a huge problem
Arielle King
Survey: https://centerlatino.wufoo.com/forms/cts-transportation-future-survey-fall-2020/.
Stephanie Bahramian
There are cities around the country who have implemented no unnecessary idling measures of their police vehicles
Gannon Long
how do buses increase traffic? Presumably they take cars off the road by offering drivers a ride. Buses are MUCH more space efficient than cars.
Gannon Long
starting with police vehicles would make sense! however... police don't especially like enforcing laws against htemselves
Mary Pelletier
A redesign of residential neighborhoods to increase walkable access to clean natural resources, local government services, food and retail shops/commercial, is needed to minimize commuter culture.
Ali Hibbard
But how do we start with redesigning entire neighborhoods? It sounds wonderful but sounds more difficult to implement and fund.
Stephanie Bahramian
More flexible zoning is a start
Ali Hibbard
Very true, thank you!
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
@Ali - First, we don't expand any more state routes or interstates. And we put a moratorium on rural farmland and woodland development. We should only be doing new development as in-fill in town centers, cities, and within one mile of high frequency transit stations.
Arielle King
Greater New Haven NAACP Report on Urban Apartheid: https://www.ctdatahaven.org/sites/ctdatahaven/files/NAACP_UrbanApartheid_print_final.pdf
Mary Pelletier
How to redesign entire neighborhoods, start listening to residents
Gannon Long
Ali - also look up "tactical urbanism" - neighborhoods can try small, low cost temporary demonstration projects that make neighborhoods more walkable
Gannon Long
you can see some examples of this on the Transport Hartford facebook page.
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
(CT DOT and the state legislators included I-84 and I-95 expansion in the early 2020 bonding bill, really. That's their response to climate emergency... )
Gannon Long
This past week in Hartford, at the urging of a neighborhood group, the city installed some barriers to redirect and slow traffic on one way streets that drivers recklessly speed down.
Gannon Long
if it works they may make more permanent changes.
Ali Hibbard
Thanks Gannon - this is a new term for me!
Stephanie Bahramian
There are low traffic businesses that could easily take place within communities that would not spoil the "fabric" of the neighborhood.
Gannon Long
another example is on Charter Oak ave from last fall - city staff and a bunch of toher folks came together to paint a bumpout, expanding the curb, narrowing the space for turning (which slows cars down), and shortens the crossing distance for pedestrians.
Stephanie Bahramian
Bloomfield is committed to reaching the 30% electric buses this next year or so, but DATTCO needs the grants to be high enough to commit to the purchase. Again a financial hurdle
Charlie Leavengood
Drop the links, please!
Arielle King
CRCJ Website: Transit Equity Day Campaigns 2019 – 2020: https://ctclimateandjobs.org/campaigns/ct-transit-equity-day-local-events/.
Metro Hartford Comprehensive Transit Service Analysis: https://crcog.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hartford-EX-Summary_April_FINAL.pdf.
Move New Haven Transit Mobility Study: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57e3fd6fd1758e2877e24804/t/5dd576f6adca850cb1a54f01/1574270717562/Move+New+Haven+Study+Final+Report_FINAL+09272019.pdf.
CT debuts first electric buses article: https://www.newhavenbiz.com/article/ct-debuts-first-electricbuses?fbclid=IwAR0DWXzAJww8SkoygBgU_e6yKBVUMHBwSmqZHhgnT8crJXgwYo6et1ua1Ro. 
CT's anti-idling law, compliance and enforcement information: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Air/Mobile-Sources/Anti-Idling/Anti-Idling---Compliance-and-Enforcement#:~:text=The%20Regulations%20of%20Connecticut%20State,conditions%20exempted%20in%20the%20regulation.
Charlie Leavengood
Thank you!
Arielle King
Renae Reese
It would be great if you can please share these important links after today’s presentation as well. Thanks.
Arielle King
We’re compiling a list of resources from all the panels :)
Stephanie Bahramian
We cannot see the presentation
Aaron Goode
Aaron Goode
New Haven has highest rate of asthma-related hospitalizations in Connecticut
Aaron Goode
According to the 2018 AsthmaCapitals report, New Haven ranks 7th amongst cities with the highestestimated asthma prevalence and 24th amongst most challenging places tolive with asthma.
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
Relative to idling - Why don't we just require all trucks, vans, and cars sold in Connecticut to have auto-off, idling reduction? This is a common feature, and could be required for all vehicles sold. That makes enforcement less of an issue, because it would be automatic.
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
The current anti-idling law is pretty useless, and almost never enforced.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
I want to echo Tayor's comments about the lack of well functioning public transportation's impact on the ability to work. So many families can't apply for jobs that are hiring due to lack of transportation. If we invest in better public transportation we can increase the number of people who can work in our state. Public transportation also lowers carbon emission at a lower cost than expanding highways and expansion of EV grid needs. This issue also impacts Latino's and low income whites. It is a true problem of poverty. We can do more by helping to resolve large systemic issues vs one of rebates for personal EVs.
Gannon Long
Hard agree, Leticia!
Lee Cruz on the line
Ali you start by listening to residents and organizing. In Fair Haven, New Haven we started 10 years ago. We advocated for and got a bike lane and sharrow connecting our section of the city with the more affluent East Rock neighborhood. But more importantly we identified 5.8 miles of urban walking trail, created a map and raised the funds for the 6 maps in the ground at public spaces and to print 10k post card map locally which we distribute through our local schools and federally qualified health center. We also created a video about this project. The trail project started in 2015. You can see the video, download the map and read about this project in context at www.chathamsquare.ning.com. Our work is supported by residents and the businesses and nonprofits listed on this site. This is a way one community is doing it.
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
Leticia - Have you seen the data showing that "transportation insecurity" in Hartford correlates strongly with above average emergency room visits? The correlation is high for transportation insecurity than either poverty or lack of health care.
Taylor Mayes
Yes Yes Yes ^^^ Good add Leticia!
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
Near term - I hope folks learn more about the Transportation and Climate Initiative and our Connecticut coalition - https://www.ctprf.org/programs_services/transport-hartford/#climate
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
(this should be a legislative proposal in 2021)
Angel Serrano he/him
I agree Leticia
Mary Pelletier
How to redesign entire neighborhoods: yes tactical urbanism + 1) start listening to residents to learn what is working on their block; 2) have water, electrical, sewer, and transportation engineers explain their challenges to neighbors, (who may not be aware of the regional utility challenges that impact their neighborhoods; 3) arrange presentations about progressive urban design strategies. Admittedly all of the above is time consuming, yet if such listening and learning efforts were combined with temporary urban place-making adjustments, such as bi-weekly farmers markets, closing commuter roads on weekends for pedestrians and cyclists, replacing parking spaces with outdoor seating, . . . viable changes could begin to emerge.
Stephanie Bahramian
Excellent presentations! thank you
Kaitlin Stern
What percent of EV batteries are actually recyclable? I’ve seen conflicting information about whether the battery materials can actually be recycled
Gannon Long
Agreed, Mary. great outline of steps.
Thank you all presenters. Very interesting, informative AND important
Communications Department 3
Excellent presentations and comments. Thank you all!
Diane Hoffman
VERY informative! thanks to all presenters!
Gannon Long
Also I would note, though those things take time, they are MUCH MORE cost and time effective than deisgning expensive things that DON't work for communities, then having to fix it later
Arielle King
We’ll be starting Q&A soon. Please drop your questions here
Police need to be able respond to radio calls immediately, especially in the cities. Examine whether enforcing idling laws for them is a good.
Rebecca French
Thank to all of the presenters today. The Climate Solutions webinar series is organized by the Governors Council on Climate Change, which is in the middle of a public review period for its working reports, including the Transportation sector. All reports can be found here: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/GC3/GC3-Working-group-reports
Arielle King
Tenisha Malcolm
How best would you advice orgs measure equity in their work?
Flagstaff Sustainability
how about the ethical concerns related to resource extraction for EV batteries? exploitation in the congo basin...
Gannon Long
excellent point, Flagstaff.
Gannon Long
The idling law is an excellent example of something that should NOT be left to police to enforce.
Aaron Goode
my organization Greater New Haven Green Fund provides grants for transit equity and sustainable transportation projects in the New Haven region, apply for one here http://www.gnhgreenfund.org/
Rebecca French
Please join us for the Governor's Council on Climate Change public forums next week where we will discuss adapting our state's transportation system to the impacts of climate change. We will also learn about all climate impacts in Connecticut from the Science & Technology group and adapting our buildings, utilities, and land use to climate change in addition to transportation. Register for the forum here: https://ctdeep.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYqdeusqT4pH9VW1zkD7KHVKvtkkDNGeQZM
Stephanie Bahramian
DEEP specifically states that the police are the only authority to ticket for idling problems
Gannon Long
Exactly, which is a big reason that the law isn't enforced.
Gannon Long
In Hartford at least, police barely take orders from the mayor; never mind from DEEP!
Aaron Goode
Recent "tactical urbanism" project in New Haven https://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/traffic_halts_for_murals/
Mary Pelletier
Question about EVs: Reviewing EVs, it only seems to make sense to purchase an EV for daily commuters who drive ~ 30 miles/day. I have focused on minimizing my driving. I currently drive only ~ 5000 miles/year. I do not drive daily, and often skip driving for weeks at a time. Admittedly a diesel (bad) that manages ~28 miles/gallon, yet I pay very low taxes and insurance on my vehicle, built in 1987. When might a new car fit my low budget and driving habits?
Taylor Mayes
For neighborhood redesign- it seems that participatory planning would be important to think about as well- getting the community involved!
Flagstaff Sustainability
community or neighborhood carsharing of EV vehicles has been under consideration
Flagstaff Sustainability
for those who don't personally need to own an EV vehicle
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
Nov 21st - Tactical Urbanism, Safe Routes For All Bike Tour in New Haven - https://www.ctprf.org/2020summit/#biketour
Flagstaff Sustainability
or for certain neighborhoods/city sections to have a "fleet" of EV vehicles that is community-owned
Anyone know what the future of EV is for long distance driving….500 miles or more per day.
Kaitlin Stern
It’s a safety concern for hot or cold temperatures
Stephanie Bahramian
3 minutes
Kaitlin Stern
You are allowed to idle more than 3 minutes at extreme temperatures for the health and safety of passengers
Laura Brown
Thank you everyone - this was a fantastic webinar.
Flagstaff Sustainability
yeah this information is so so helpful, thank you
Kaitlin Stern
Also, other states may not have the 3 minute idling rule, hence why manufacturers wouldn’t include an automatic shutoff feature
Gannon Long
from an equity perspective, police interacting with drivers, even/ especially for a minor offense, is not a safe or desired outcome.
Flagstaff Sustainability
yes ^
Mary Pelletier
School bus and ambulance drivers routinely idle, which is a big problem in urban neighborhoods. Those vehicles are typically diesel. Public education of drivers might be needed to increase adherence to the law that limits idling to 3 minutes.
Shanay’s iPhone
We have time for 1 more question.
Stephanie Bahramian
I should imagine there is no more market for diesel passenger vehicles in the US as anyone willing to pay more for a car would just invest in EV or hydrogen fuel cell. This is a positive change!
Is there enough infrastructure (ie charging stations) to support a significant shift from diesel busses to electric busses? Or even a small shift to electric busses?
Cecilia Moura
Here is information on idling emissions https://afdc.energy.gov/files/u/publication/which_is_greener.pdf
Stephanie Bahramian
Charging stations are a minor issue and there are grants to pay for those. So, no, charging is not a major concern I believe
Gannon Long
Elana, electrification of the grid to support all the desired EVs and E buses is a big issue.
Gannon Long
CT has issued an EV road map
Gannon Long
to describe how they're going to ramp up power sources
Gannon Long
there is an equity concern that all ratepayers will contribute to these upgrades, however, lower income households will lack access to EVs for a long time in light of current market and economic conditions; and because as Tony noted, may LMI households are already outside the new car market as it is.
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
I would love everyone to take the CT's Transportation Future Survey! --- https://centerlatino.wufoo.com/forms/cts-transportation-future-survey-fall-2020/
Stephanie Bahramian
Fastrak did not buy electric buses because the project was so unpopular at the time, but the buses were already available at that time. Hopefully as they replace those buses, they will go for the EV's
Tenisha Malcolm
Thank you for today's presentation!
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
[Please please please go take the survey!]
Patrick Comins
Thank you. Excellent and informative presentations.
Stephanie Bahramian
The public needs to show support for electric public transit and then the decision makers will have the clout to make those investments.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
charging stations require infrastructure that does not exist. When so many people can't even catch a bus, we need to start whe
Renae Reese
Thank you all! Essential presentation and conversation.
Amy Paterson - CLCC
Outstanding presentation and discussion. Thank you, all!
Iliana’s phone
could you expand examples to other communities other than Hartford or New Haven. There are many towns that are wealthy such as Greenwich but still are piropos that are struggling because those communities who with needs are not reach. Other example it could be Middletown, where the town is very diverse. hHow to reach those communities? or small towns such as Hebron
Leticia Colon de Mejias
We need to start where we can help the MOST vulnerable, vs doing what we always do. We need to ask people what they need NOT assume we know what to do with all the resources.
Thanks to all of the speakers and moderator for a very informative presentation.
Kaitlin Stern
Very informative presentations, thank you so much!
Anthony Cherolis (he/him)
Click on the survey on your way out. Take it before you forget. :) CT's Transportation Future Survey! --- https://centerlatino.wufoo.com/forms/cts-transportation-future-survey-fall-2020/
Leticia Colon de Mejias
Thank you all
thank you! filling out survey now