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GC3 Working Group Meeting: Mitigation Strategies - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
working group members can introduce themselves in the chat and rename themselves by hovering over their name and clicking on "more" and then "rename"\
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Good afternoon! My name is Christine and I am a Regional Environmental Planner with the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments.
Maureen Goulet
Maureen Goulet, Principal Program Manager at Capitol Region Council of Governments.
Bonnie Potocki
Good Afternoon All, an utility-scale solar project developer at Greenskies Clean Energy located in North Haven, CT
Cathy Fletcher, City of Bridgeport
Hello! I'm Cathy and I work as a planner at the City of Bridgeport.
Leticia Colon
Steve Bright (WeaveGrid)
Afternoon All. My name is Steve Bright, and I am the East Policy and Regulatory Affairs lead at WeaveGrid.
Stephanie Bahramian
Stephanie Bahramian, environmental planner for Bloomfield
Emma MacDonald
Adrienne Farrar Houel, President/CEO, Greater Bridgeport Community Enterprises, Inc.
Leticia Colon
1- 4 unit housing that houses LMI and disabled people's have no way to access help, as ICAST is focusing on Multifamily properties in CT with over 5 units. Yet, 1-4 unit had the highest rates of barriers to EE- and Residential use is 15% of energy use. Addressing Housing in disadvantage communities creates resilience, addresses equity, and strengthens our grid, all while lowering the heating needs and providing local jobs . https://efficiencyforall.org/wordpress/2021/03/01/addressing-health-and-affordability-challenges-for-low-income-families/
Leticia Colon
Mary Donegan
Hello, I’m Mary Donegan, a faculty member at UConn in Urban and Community Studies.
Maebel Haynes - Sunrise Movement
Maebel Haynes, National Correspondent for Sunrise Movement Connecticut
Allison Pilcher
Hi everyone! I'm Allison Pilcher, Policy Director with the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs
Francis Pickering
Francis Pickering, Western Connecticut Council of Governments
Anji Seth
Hello Everyone, Anji Seth here, Climate Scientist, Professor and Interim Head of the Geography Department at UConn Storrs. I have been on the GC3 Science and Technology WG.
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
IgCC = International Green Construction Code (IgCC)
Shannon Laun
Hi all, I'm Shannon Laun, an attorney and CT state director for Conservation Law Foundation.
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
HPBS = high performance building standards
Julie Paquette
Hello - My name is Julie Paquette. Mechanical engineer, Director of Engineering & Energy Management in Yale University Facilities, and member of the Town of Guilford Sustainability Task Force. Happy to be part of this WG.
Nathan Frohling
Good to be here, I'm Nathan Frohling, Dir. of External Affairs for The Nature Conservancy in CT. I oversee our climate and clean energy program.
Leticia Colon
Leticia Colon de Mejias with www.efficiencyforall.org and www.gewportal.org both CT based nonprofits run by people of color, serving with a focus on lifting people of color, and lifting at risk communities, and taking action that helps protect all of CT. I am also a NEJAC official, and a CEEJAC member, as well as co-chair of policy at BPA, I am Chair of Latino affairs in CT, and an appointed MBI member, as well as an appointed member of the office of workforce strategies. I pray and hope that this work could begin to show efforts to close the energy disparity gap, by INVESTING in our communities needs, for efficient housing, and deep investments in retrofitting our buildings and houses to lower energy and heating demands by up 30%. We need investments in solar, and shared solar, as People of color have not had equal access to clean energy in CT. Nor have we had equal chances to work in the energy , environment, or climate action sectors. Inclusion requires inclusion, and meaningful engagement also.
Emma MacDonald
Re: Bullard Havens, at what point in the process were you in before seeking the additional funding for climate adaptation? Can that be applied to other schools in the (pre)construction stage? Or other types of proposed climate project
Melissa Kops
Lots of new Melissa Kops from the CT Green Building Council and Architect at the City of New Haven
Leticia Colon
Mitigation: Must support education of humans that use energy. A person can not take action to make positive change, if they not aware of the need, or of the ways to take action. People also will not be able to change with out support, or resources, which help them convert, change, or take action. These plans must take equity into account- there are several lens on equity - here: https://efficiencyforall.org/wordpress/2020/02/25/governors-council-on-climate-change-gc3-equity-lens/
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Yay for new building codes!
Leticia Colon
Reports on climate energy and equity can be located here: https://efficiencyforall.org/wordpress/publications/
Melissa Kops
Oh sorry, I meant to say lots of new people here!
Stillman Jordan
Hi Everyone, I am Stillman Jordan. I am the President of ENCON Heating and Air Conditioning (A large HVAC contractor based on out of Stratford CT). I also serve as the Government Affairs Chairperson for the CT Heating Cooling Contractors Association. I am a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Certified Energy Manager (CEM). I am glad to participate and contribute however I can.
Leticia Colon
Leticia Colon
Jacob Robison
Jacob Robison, AICP, Senior Project Manager, New Haven City Plan Department
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
@david can you explain what you mean by a stretch code?
Leticia Colon
Leticia Colon
Leticia Colon
Last support document https://efficiencyforall.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2020-People-and-the-Planet-a-Plan-to-lower-carbon-emission-2.pdf
Leticia Colon
Kathleen Fay
Hi all, Kathy Fay, Director of Community Sustainability at Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven. We offer a statewide home energy concierge program, I Heart My Home CT. Locally we are also engaged in a variety of environmental equity issues impacting residents in their homes and neighborhoods - for example residential stormwater management to mitigate combined sewer outflows.
Stephanie Bahramian, EP, Bloomfield
Can you explain why solar panels on buses is not feasible?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Can you share information on the culvert program?
Shannon Laun, CLF
Question for Deputy Commissioner Eucalitto: When do you expect the final report re: the electric bus fire in Hamden? When will other electric buses in the fleet return to service?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Thank you Garrett, much appreciated.
Leticia Colon
Equity - would tell us that we should ensure the investments are solving for multi issues in equity areas. Like the tool we created at DEEP- I am not hearing that Equity lens tool discussed here?
Leticia Colon
ALANIS - I have a question.
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
2021 GC3 Report: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3_Phase1_Report_Jan2021.pdf
Leticia Colon
Prior to anyone using any funds- this group needs to participate in the equity training, and ensuring the GC3 aligns with our governors exc order on equity. Which they can not do with out knowing of it.
Emma MacDonald
I understood that there is supposed to be a liaison with the EJ group. What is happeneing with that???
Kathleen Fay
I have a follow up question
Leticia Colon
Would it be useful then to know the Equity lens?
Rebecca French, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Leticia Colon
Should this group of excellent leaders - get the training on equity? It is online at DEEP we recorded it as a training session.
Leticia Colon
The Spin on Energy ……Many of us are focused on “Climate talk”, “Carbon Talk”, “Clean Energy”, “Green Energy” , EV policy, EV infrastructure build outs, Wind, Solar,Geothermal, Transportation, workforce, Ratepayer Funds, Green Bank, Programs, Outreach needs, highest carbon emitters, where to start, who should pay for all of what we want as goals, who should be allowed to useincentives, who can’t use the incentives and programs, what they can be used for, cost effective testing, what is the best plan to lower carbon, protect health, mitigate climate change, grow our economy, lower energy burdens, close affordability gaps, protect water and air, educate people, ensure Equity for all, and what steps we need to take this year to lay the foundation for our success. Because without a plan a goal is just a wish….. learn more here https://youtu.be/l_7MUIDb2E0
Leticia Colon
Yes - DEEP writes bills. They have an office of policy.
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
GC3 Annual Report Slides: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3-2022-agendas-and-minutes/GC3-Annual-Progress-Report-060822.pdf
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Thanks Alanis, I appreciate the overview you did and I'm sorry if you already answered that question.
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
No problem!
Leticia Colon
With out education on equity lens? Which is require by a legal binding Executive order. How will you have something for Nov?
Shannon Laun, CLF
I have to leave for another meeting. Thanks all for the updates and discussion.
Leticia Colon
Regarding DEI- Equity& Inclusion and Diversity: Are there any Latino'/as or POC's representatives for any of the disadvantaged public residents in the leadership of these groups. Have any folks here with lived experience in disparity, or in directly working with those groups. been placed in a leadership role on this mitigation planning/ leadership via GC3?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Thanks for clarifying. So if we do have new recommendations, this is not the space to share those? We are just focusing on implementation and monitoring? Thank you.
Leticia Colon
When we focus on monitoring and implementing will the metrics and focus include DEI? or Equity lens?
Emma MacDonald
Don't we need to know more about programs across the state to see if and how the EO is being fulfilled?
Nathan Frohling
Will a link to the presentations from today be sent around including the charge of this group? If there are good recommendations that could be helpful to the '23 legislative session are we able to do that or are we really being constrained to "reporting" on what we see?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Thank you, sounds good.
Maureen Goulet
That's helpful, thank you.
Leticia Colon
Saturday the EPA federal body announced the new office of EJ and external Civil rights- this is Justice 40 work- to protect the least of us.. those who have been left behind.
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
I saw that Leticia! It is shocking to me that such an office did not already exist.
Leticia Colon
The federal IRA act has civil right embedded in the grants- thus this GC3 group and all GC3 groups may want to brush up on civil rights and DEI- as the grants require this lens. If we do not place EQUITY at the front of the planning- then we will not get that as result of the working groups- or planning- or efforts. Thus EQUITY must be addresses at the start. Please the disadvantaged people will be left in the dark, and cold literally. Thank you for thinking of the people who are not here today- who have no PC- no AC- and NO power to be here.
Kathleen Fay
I have another question if I may.
Nathan Frohling
Thanks Rebecca, that's very helpful.
Joanna Wozniak-Brown, CT OPM
I think policy suggestions that limit program deployment such as conflicting department policies or regulations and barriers to deployment of important programs to vulnerable communities will be really important given the cross-expertise in the working groups.
Joanna Wozniak-Brown, CT OPM
*suggestions that fix issues that limit deployment
Leticia Colon
Solving for cumulative impacts is part of EJ and Climate ACTION, and DEI metrics must be laid. That includes the findings of the equity group work. The mapping tools, and the funds need to reach the places they have not reached.
Leticia Colon
is education part of mitigation?
Maureen Goulet
It would probably be helpful to take affirmative steps to make sure the communities most negatively impacted by these issues are represented on the committee, rather than just having a public notice go out.
Leticia Colon
+++It would probably be helpful to take affirmative steps to make sure the communities most negatively impacted by these issues are represented on the committee, rather than just having a public notice go out.
Leticia Colon
++++ inclusion requires inclusion
Leticia Colon
It would probably be helpful to take affirmative steps to make sure the communities most negatively impacted by these issues are represented on the committee, rather than just having a public notice go out.