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GC3 Science & Technology Working Group Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Ashton - Yale University
Hi all- my name - Mark Ashton - Yale University - Professor of Forest Ecology and Silviculture
Ashley Benitez - Climate Planning, CT-DEEP
Working Group members: Please introduce yourself in the chat as well.
Mark Urban
Hello - I'm Mark Urban, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UConn
Laura Bozzi | Yale Ctr on Climate & Health
Hi everyone. Laura Bozzi, director of programs at the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health
David Murphy, CIRCA
David Murphy, Director of Resilience Engineering, CIRCA
Susan Masino
Hello - Susan Masino, Professor of Applied Science at Trinity College
Diego Cerrai
Hello - I'm Diego Cerrai, Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and I am Manager and Associate Director of the Eversource Energy Center. Topic area: Weather, Climate, Impact Modeling
Ashley Benitez - Climate Planning, CT-DEEP
Working Group members only. Please have camera on.
Susan Masino
Apologies in advance in case you missed my earlier message - I will need to reenter by phone at some point. Also I forgot to mention I was previously a member of Science and Tech working group.
David Murphy, CIRCA
And I forgot to mention that I was in the public health and safety working group (probably because of the many public water system issues)
Chris Elphick (UConn EEB)
Also, I was previously a member of the wetlands working group
David Wagner
Hello all, David Wagner I am professor ecology & evolutionary biology with expertise in conservation biology, invertebrate biodiversity, and effects of climate changes on plants and animals.
Ashley Benitez - Climate Planning, CT-DEEP
If you would like to sign up for public comment, send a direct message to me.
Mark Urban
Anji Seth
Thanks, Mark. Phew!
Susan Masino
switching to phone!
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
@mark The New England Forestry Foundation received one of the USDA Climate Commodities grants that I think may be going after some of these questions, I hope.
David Murphy, CIRCA
Re: the BCA: CIRCA will be working on this with the seven Resilient Connecticut Phase III projects underway. I can elaborate offline.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
@chris I have heard other states flag the lack of data for carbon flux from natural habitats for states trying to integrate those habitats into greenhouse gas inventories.
Chris Elphick (UConn EEB)
Yes, the EPA blue carbon committee I was on was for all of New England and it seemed like a widespread problem
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
I wanted to flag that while in 2020 the Governor's Council was the only climate planning process happening, there are not multiple planning processes ongoing, like the Comprehensive Energy Strategy. We are going to try highlight those other planning processes in the GC3 working group meetings, but individual working group members may want to engage in those other planning processes directly.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
In fact, DEEP encourages you to do that if you have interest and availability.
Ashley Benitez - Climate Planning, CT-DEEP
If you'd like to provide public comment, please send me a direct message. You may also provide public comment during this period in the chat. ‚Äč
Thomas Bontly
Thanks Rebecca!
Anji Seth
Rebecca,could you point us to how we might directly engage with say the comprehensive energy strategy?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
The website link above shows you where to find meetings and email lists.
Anji Seth
Chris Elphick (UConn EEB)
My sense is that Mark's concerns about monitoring, especially in response to management action (and then using it for adaptive responses), are widespread - especially in all of the ecosystems that I'm familiar with.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
The Office of Climate Planning has an email list where we post public comment opportunities. Sign up for the Climate Solutions Newsletter. Check the Climate Solutions box to receive climate change and GC3 news, information, and updates. https://confirmsubscription.com/h/j/19E73F2E0479003B
Mark Urban
We need monitoring, modeling, mitigation as a dynamic strategy
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
You can find the equity lens developed by the Equity & Environmental Justice working group here: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3_Phase1_Report_Jan2021.pdf
Amy Blaymore Paterson, CLCC
Thanks again for the opportunity to participate, and for your time in volunteering for this important work.
Laura Bozzi | Yale Ctr on Climate & Health
In the short term, do we have a member from the EEJ WG who is also on this WG (as the liaison)?
Thomas Bontly
Yes, thank you Ashley for facilitating all this!