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Environmental Justice Webinars - Shared screen with speaker view
Arielle King
Link to webinar series recordings : https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/GC3/Equity%20and%20Environmental%20Justice%20in%20Climate%20Solutions%20Webinar%20Series
Arielle King
Young Voices for the PlanetWeb: https://www.youngvoicesfortheplanet.com/Facebook: @youngvoicesfortheplanetTwitter: @YoungClimate
Arielle King
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Arielle King
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Patricia Taylor
What do advocates in your generation call climate change? Alex mentioned the term changed from global warming to climate change, and that made a difference to him. Are you hearing it called climate crisis?
Stephanie Bahramian
There is no question that top-down measures are needed for significant change, but what are you young leaders doing either as individuals or as educational outreach coordinators to reduce the levels of consumption that we have all come to take for granted. There is room for improvement in all our lives, so I would like to hear about some concrete examples of how our DEMAND for goods and services is being reduced as we seek to change the models we currently have in place to meet those demands.
Mark Mitchell
What do you think of Greta Thornburg being the face of youth regarding climate change?
Anthony Cherolis (he/him) - Transport Hartford
Great attendance today with 97 folks! As a 41-year-old, I definitely didn't have kids partly due to impending climate catastrophe. I think that pressure and stress may be even higher on the generation behind me.
Kim Stoner
What would intergenerational climate justice look like to you?
Claire (she/her) Sickinger
How can agencies like DEEP better communicate about the work they’re doing and the changes they are implementing to increase public awareness of the positive steps that are happening (particularly with young people)?
Tiffany Mellers
That my BABY talking right there. lol
Doris Johnson
Good afternoon Tiffany
Anthony Cherolis (he/him) - Transport Hartford
Question - Do you find institutions and (typical) commisions of non-diverse folks over age 40 working against creative proposals and ideas coming from younger activists and racial/economic/environmental justice advocates? If yes, how can we help dismantle or reform those oppressive systems?
Anthony Cherolis (he/him) - Transport Hartford
(the "we," being existing environmental orgs and those already working within these institutions interested in being better allies)
Marlon Hyde
Is it possible to pollute ethically?
Tiffany Mellers
It was scary having a baby and even more scary when she has an asthma attack and it comes from the environment.
Marlon Hyde
What will it take for environmental racism to get the spotlight it did in 2016 when the Flint, Michigan water crisis rose to the public's attention?
Marlon Hyde
Thank you all for doing the work that you do!
Anthony Cherolis (he/him) - Transport Hartford
@Alex - You're on the hook for canvassing and door knocking if you're putting others on the hook for public office. ;)
Mary Pelletier
Please note that there have been a number of “middle-age” (not young) individuals who have worked tirelessly to study, conserve and revitalize nature. It would be swell to be recognized for individual efforts, rather than age, wealth or ethnicity.
Andy Danzig
It's strange having a program titled "Intergenerational" with only one generation represented. While it is great and gives me hope to hear from these young activists, this discussion would be enhanced by including representatives of Gen X and Boomers. Especially because there has been lots of talk of political change, yet the younger generations typically participate the least in the political process.
Mark Mitchell
In the past, global threats--such as overpopulation, mass starvation, and the increasing hole in the ozone layer--have been solved by a combination of education, political will and technology. Are you optimistic that climate change will be solved in time?
Marlon Hyde
Growing up in New York, I had a asthma attack at 5 years old. I had no idea what was going on, I just knew I could not get air. How do we educate more people that things like asthma, lead poisoning, and cancer can be related to a lack of pollution controll?
Sharon Anne Byron
1970 First Earth Day. 1986 Rocky Mountain Institute. Emory Lovins. Nothing new. Connecticut is SLOW to divest infossil fuels. Everyone (regardless of color, shade,etc) is impacted by dirty air, dirty water, dirty energy, dirty soil(). Solution is for EVERYONE to contribute to the clean air, water, soil, and energy.
Ashley Zane
I'm guessing that many times older individuals say that it's nice to stand on principles, but actually acting on issues like clean energy costs money passed on to rate payer which you don't pay as someone under 18. How do you bridge that gap and what methods have been the most effective in your opinion when responding?
Lynn Johnson
Wow! Thank you Alex, Jaysa and Sena for speaking truth to power! I continue to be inspired by you to fight hard for your future. Jeff, good facilitation! Thank you all!
Kim Stoner
Are you following the court case Juliana vs. United States - young people across the US who are suing the US government to take action against climate change? Would legal action be another route youth could be taking?
Patricia Taylor
How do you feel about political dialogue that weighs what is profitable for business with what is harmful to the environment?
Steph Stroud (NPS)
Thank you for your work providing clarity to issues and speaking the unpopular and necessary truth to people in power. In a perfect world, the youth would not have to tell older generations how to lead! Hopefully we can learn to listen and even more importantly, act.
What is your point of view on alternative energy sources?
Starley Arias
Massachusetts has a tree planting project that is showing success. It's called the Greening the Gateway Cities Project
Shawn O'Sullivan
Why not have DEEP work with EDUCATION to possibly incorporate streaming of meetings into Social Studies and Science curricula.
Ashley Benitez Ou
Also climate change education should be place-based and students, young people and other member of communities should understand better their own vulnerabilities and the vulnerabilities of their region.
Hugh hdbirdsall@aol.com
thank you for education ideas,
Sharon Anne Byron
Climate Crisis and Climate Catastrophe are appropriate. 2030 is the goal. NOT 2050.
Arielle King
Ways to contact the panelists: Sena WazerLinkedin: Sena WazerFacebook: Sena WazerInstagram: @senawazerJaysa Hunter-MellersE-mail: Hunterjaysa@gmail.comAlex RodriguezE-mail: alex@ctlcv.org
Sharon Anne Byron
The only way to do better is to hunker down and start planting trees where they can.
Great hearing these points of view. Carry on!
Doris Johnson
DEEP Environmental Education staff provide climate change education statewide.
Marlon Hyde
Thank you everyone!
Thank you to all the presentes. What a grand hope to know you are working so hard for the planet.
Rebecca French
Dream team!
Patricia Taylor
This was fantastic. Thank you to the speakers, host, and organizers.
Ashley Benitez Ou
Thank you!
Kim Stoner
Thank you!
Mary Pelletier
Diane Hoffman
Great job Panelists! Thanks to everyone who organized the series
Patrick Comins
Thank you!
Amy Paterson - CLCC
Outstanding conversation, panelists and faciliation, Jeff. An inspiring way to wrap up this series.
Kirsten Rigney
Thank you!
Starley Arias
Thank you!
Thank you
Mary Pelletier
nice work