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Compost Series: Farm Composting/BioChar in Compost - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
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Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
The on-farm compost tour being held on April 29th from 10am - 12pm at Cold Spring Farm registration can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-ct-compost-series-tour-2-on-farm-composting-tickets-308584272867
Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
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David Birnbaum
Is that 25:1 based on weight or volume?
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
If you prefer to ask your question verbally you will have an opportunity to unmute and ask after our first group of presenters.
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
I am using pig manure with straw bedding to compost. The pile is about 4-5 ft high, 20 feet wide and and about 6-8 feet deep. It is in a "triangle" shape from the side view, coming to a peak. The pile achieved a peak temperature of 135 degrees, but has dropped to about 120 degrees. How do keep the temperature above 135 degrees? Do I need to add more carbonaceous materials?
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
We are trying to produce compost to use on-farm for vegetable and fruit growing, and we are applying for Organic certification.
shamu sadeh
From my experience with the low temperatures this week it would have to be a large pile to keep temps up that high
shamu sadeh
You may have to turn it. Hard to tell whether you need to add carbon. Is it wet? It is oozing liquid?
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
Not too wet. It is a small windrow at this point, and I was going to use my tractor to turn it
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
I may convert to static aerated.
Kathryn Zuromski
What's a reasonable minimum pile size for active composting in winter (in CT)?
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
We have goats, turkeys, ducks and pigs. Would it be quicker to mix all together, or make piles of each separately?
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Steve and Saquana Seltzer
Thank you!
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
Interested in seeing Jessica's on-farm compost operation and farm be sure to register for the tour here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2022-ct-compost-series-tour-2-on-farm-composting-tickets-308584272867
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
I use straw bedding with all animals
shamu sadeh
can you put lab name in chat please?
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
I was told the C:N ratio of my pig manure was 14:1. How would I raise the C:N to the ideal 25:1 or 30:1?
Steve and Saquana Seltzer
I did not have the manure analyzed, so I looked up the ratio on the Cornell extension web site.
Andrew Carpenter - Speaker
University of Maine Analytical Lab https://umaine.edu/soiltestinglab/
Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
Thanks everyone - we're taking a ten minute break and will start at 4:43pm.
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
We encourage everyone to fill out today's webinar survey - your feedback helps to shape future educational offerings, thank you! https://forms.gle/c6bAdPxoUdbNUbeK8
Cynthia Rabinowitz
Has there been any research into the energy used and emissions generated during the production of biochar?
Cynthia Rabinowitz
I've read that returning the ramial wood to the orchard floor is very beneficial. I'm trying it out to see how it works in practicality
Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
Field Office Technical Guide - CT https://efotg.sc.egov.usda.gov/#/state/CT/documents
Janice EhleMeyer
Can food waste be added to make biochar or is it too wet?
Huijie Gan
A recent review by the Lehmann group at Cornell talks about energy used and emission during the biochar production and transportation process. Using local and-sustainably-produced feedstock in combined with the capture of bioenergy during pyrolysis can help to reduce emission from biochar production. "Biochar in climate change mitigation" https://www.nature.com/articles/s41561-021-00852-8
Kathryn Zuromski
With construction materials, you wouldn't want to use pressure treated wood correct?
Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
This was fascinating - especially UConn researchers. Thank you!
Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT RC&D
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Sherill Baldwin she/her CT DEEP
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