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Climate Solutions Webinar: TCI 101 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca French
Feel free to post any questions here as we go through the presentations.
Rebecca French
ZEV = zero emission vehicle
Rebecca French
MOU = memorandum of understanding, a document detailing what signers are going to work on together regarding the transportation and climate initiative program
Mike Morrissey
Will the resources collected be available for all alternative fuels or just electrification?
Rebecca French
questions welcome
Mary Hogue
When will CT help actively to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles?
Rebecca French
RGGI (pronounced "reggi") - regional greenhouse gas initiative capping and reducing emissions from power sector
Jeffrey Maron
As the expected revenue increases year on year, and fuel usage should decrease, how does the per gallon cost remain close to flat and even unchanged some years? Won't the per gallon cost, passed on to consumers, have to increase more steeply than shown on the chart?
Kimberly Stoner
What is the rationale behind removing allowances if prices fall too low?
Lauren Rothermich
What are some examples of suppliers that will be purchasing the allowances?
Grace Chen
How to ensure engagement with populations/groups not typically at the table to make decisions on investment opportunities?
Rebecca French
Again MOU is the memorandum of understanding signed by Massachusetts, CT, RI and District of Columbia. Legislation is introduced to authorize the program in Connecticut.
Christina Fagerstal
We need to approve the sale of electric vehicles in CT summers have a choice
Rebecca French
We will take questions at the end of both presentations at the end of Dr. Mitchell's presentation.
Rebecca French
Please enter questions here.
Mike Morrissey
Fueling stations located off our interstates only have 2 -3 cents profit on diesel fuel and could not afford an increase of 5 cents. All national truck fleets would pass by CT to purchase fuel and CT would lose tax income ,business and jobs.
Rebecca French
PM = particulate matter
Susan Miller
Can we get email addresses for the speakers?
Rebecca French
GC3 = Governor's Council on Climate Change
Rebecca French
If you missed the intro. I will be moderating the Q&A. Please write your questions here and I will select a few to answer in our remaining time. We may not get to all of them, but please write them down so that we can incorporate answers to them into our FAQ
Kathleen Fay
Dr. Mitchell thank you so much. I hope everyone on this call takes the health impacts on individuals living in our most overburdened and underserved communities to heart. The health of ALL our CT neighbors should be paramount in decision making going forward!
Patricia Taylor
For Dr. Mitchell - What would a good AQM program to measure traffic-related air pollution in vulnerable communities program include?
Aaron goode
yes thank you Dr. Mitchell
Kimberly Stoner
Will there be funding for measuring air pollution in environmental justice communities, so that we know if and how much pollution is reduced?
Lea Chayes
Hartford electric is underground so power does not go off. it would take more than millions to do that now for suburban areas. However new housing, in some areas, has geothermal. I would love that but it’s cost prohibitive for me as is a Prius. Therefore, to help the cities we need planning like in Columbia, MD. This would not just help in inequality in cities & health effects but make these areas more attractive to others. It would be terrific if we could re-do the sprawl on the suburbs. Town/city planning is necessary. How do we do this? How do we convince towns to invest in wind power and solar for the suburbs that have the space for this? How do we re-do areas in the cities that are falling apart & owned by slum landlords? in
Aaron goode
a single census tract in New Haven, 14-23, has a 500 MW power plant, a sludge incinerator, multiple transfer stations, a port with diesel tanker traffic, and two interstate highways... directly adjacent to a low-income community
Aaron goode
Every time suburban commuters drive through New Haven on the highway, OUR residents are being heavily taxed
Aaron goode
for someone else's pollution
Kathleen Fay
Only it's not a few dollars out of their pockets but years out of their lives and those of their loved ones!
Sharon Anne Byron
Because we are dealing with a climate emergency, how cam we expedite the process?
Aaron goode
I would like to hear from opponents of TCI how they propose to reduce the pollution tax currently being paid by New Haven and Hartford residents
Susan Miller
Thank you!
Alanis Allen
Denise Savageau
Thank you for focusing on the environmental health implications of inaction on this important program.
Lea Chayes
thank you all.
Sharon Anne Byron
Thank you.