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GC3 Working Group Meeting: Mitigation Strategies #2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Climate Planning
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Kathleen Fay
Kathy Fay, NHS of New Haven, member - buildings subcommittee of working group.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Climate Planning
Rebecca French, Director of the Office of Climate Planning
Cathy Fletcher, City of Bridgeport
Hi all. Cathy Fletcher, planner, from City of Bridgeport.
Becca Trietch (she/her) - CT DEEP
Here is the notice for the upcoming Comprehensive Energy Strategy Technical Sessions: https://www.dpuc.state.ct.us/DEEPEnergy.nsf/c6c6d525f7cdd1168525797d0047c5bf/b451e9314c2eb801852588e0004c5c11/$FILE/Notice%20of%20technical%20meetings%205%20&%206_CES_FINAL.pdf
Allison Pilcher - CT Roundtable on Climate & Jobs
Hi everyone! Allison Pilcher (she/her), Policy Director for the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs
Mary Donegan (she/her) - UConn
Mary Donegan, Urban and Community Studies (urban planning) faculty, UConn
Francis Pickering
Francis Pickering, Western Connecticut Council of Governments
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Christine O'Neill, Environmental Planner - Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments
Bernard Pelletier
Bernie Pelletier, PACE (People's Action for Clean Energy)
Tenee Mack
Hi everyone, Tenée Mack, Energy Efficiency Programs Manager - Operation Fuel
Alex Maxwell (he/him), Fuss & O'Neill
Hello! Alex Maxwell (he/him), Fuss & O'Neill | Mitigation Strategies Working Group
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Working Group Reports: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/GC3/GC3-Working-group-reports
Cathy Fletcher, City of Bridgeport
Nov 14
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
January 2021 GC3 Report: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3_Phase1_Report_Jan2021.pdf
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
can you share this in presenter mode please? Thank you, it's easier to see that wayl
Stephanie Bahramian
please see above
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
https://www.energycodes.gov/sites/default/files/2021-07/ConnecticutResidentialCostEffectiveness_2021_0.pdf https://www.energycodes.gov/sites/default/files/2021-07/Cost-effectiveness_of_ASHRAE_Standard_90-1-2019-Connecticut.pdf https://gcc02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fneep.org%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fmedia-files%2F2021%2520IECC%2520One-Pager%2520rev%252020211221.pdf&data=05%7C01%7CDavid.Barkin%40ct.gov%7C1f601d5196fe4b33817308daad19ff2f%7C118b7cfaa3dd48b9b02631ff69bb738b%7C0%7C0%7C638012624573948123%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C3000%7C%7C%7C&sdata=ADA5s%2FH4ln3ygYq9i8dBcEOYNDmwz7NKlkYTplGq%2Bws%3D&reserved=0
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
^links from presentation
Michele Melley
What entity conducted this residential code analysis? Is this something CT did or FED government?
Starley Arias (CT DEEP)
Shubhada KambliDirector of Building and Transportation DecarbonizationBureau of Energy and Technology PolicyConnecticut Department of Energy and Environmental ProtectionEmail: Shubhada.Kambli@CT.Gov
Lyle Scruggs
What is the “turnover” of housing stock affected by updated codes? Is there some sort of analysis of retrofit or innovation (sorry if these were answered in part of the the talk that I missed)
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Climate Planning
Fun facts from GC3 2021 report: Recommendation 7d was . Proactively use building codes to accelerate energy efficiency. The State should continue to keep pace with adopting the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and consider strategies to further enhance opportunities to improve energy efficiency through high-performance and stretch codes and construction and renovation practices
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Climate Planning
Ryan Ensling (CT DEEP)
N Ross
FYI - The 2021 IECC residential analysis study was performed by DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Lab.
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
how does the CDECCA plant on Capitol Ave in Hartford that the state just bought, which is mostly depreciated and runs on natural gas, fit into the state's plan for zero carbon buildings by next year?
Maureen Goulet
Maureen Goulet
Just adding info on EPA Brownfields project that was done in Richmond CA using social impact bonds and brownfields remediation funds to address homes that needed rehabilitation.
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
question for DAS (and anyone else with knowledge on this): how does the CDECCA plant on Capitol Ave in Hartford that the state just bought, which is mostly depreciated and runs on natural gas, fit into the state's plan for zero carbon buildings by next year?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP Climate Planning
presenters today were addressing actions from EO21-3: https://portal.ct.gov/ConnecticutClimateAction/Executive-Order/Executive-Order-No-21-3
Samantha Dynowski she/her Sierra Club CT
+ Gannon Long. Transitioning CDECCA from polluting fossil fuels to clean energy is the first opportunity to meet the provisions in EO 21- 3 to plan for all state building heating and cooling to be zero carbon. Will improve air quality in Hartford, public health and address climate. The time is now for this project.
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
My question refers to to EO 21-3, part 3D, which states: "By 2023, DEEP and DAS shall develop a plan to retrofit existing fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems at state buildings to systems capable of being operated without carbon emitting fuels."
Leticia Colon de Mejias
What is the progress on helping 1- 4 unit housing to help remove barriers to efficiency thermal upgrades, or solar and mini split combos? When we reported the barriers we noted that 1- 4 unit housing has the highest rates of barriers- but the plan that has been laid out hjas no help for 1-4 units in CT.
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
so the state didn't have a plan before buying it? hmm. Thanks David, please let us know how the public can stay up to date on this.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
Back up data is for healthy homes can be reviewed here. https://efficiencyforall.org/wordpress/2021/03/01/addressing-health-and-affordability-challenges-for-low-income-families/
Leticia Colon de Mejias
++ Melissa on saving energy is state buildings, and MK- does electrification also include solar when you say it? Because LMI and renters still are having no access to solar in CT. Solar has not reached the LMI or communities of color- which is the opposite of shared equity on clean energy- Our Gov. had an exc order on equity as it related to climate. What is the state doing to ensure EQUAL access efficiency and solar in 1-4 unit housing in CT.
Mike Uhl | System Smart (he/him)
Related to the earlier question re: existing buildings and homes - Has the State quantified the proportion of the carbon goals that are dependent on efficiency improvements in existing homes? If the state is unclear about the current and planned programs operated by the Utilities (as just stated), do you have a strategy on reaching the State goals such that the Utility or Federal programs are clear to support them?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Is the Building Code phasing out gas hookups in new construction?
Samantha Dynowski she/her Sierra Club CT
+ Leticia Colon de Mejias on placing a focus on serving low-income households in EJ communities with more funding for energy efficiency, solar and building electrification
Leticia Colon de Mejias
Also if Equity is important should we bee looking at the equity lens on energy and equity which was laid out by volunteers and Marriane Engelman Lado and myself and students- What is the purpose of creating documents or orders if no one reads or follows them?
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
Regarding CDECCA and DASt would also be great if the state could consider an ownership model of the plant that doesn't remove it entirely from Hartford's tax rolls. That is an inequitable approach to dealing with fossil fuels in an environmental justice community with high asthma rates.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
What is the state doing to ensure equal access to information that would inform and engage the communities in planning, or accessing any of these offerings? How will those who are not informed be informed and engaged- if no one intentionally ensures equal access to basic information like climate education, or energy education.
Francis Pickering
Apparently my connection glitched so -- what I intended to say was that solar orientation can make a substantial difference in energy demand. Use of performance rather than technology based standards may result in buildings taking a lowest cost approach to achieve energy use reductions, which sometimes may result in more appropriate solar orientation.
Melissa Kops | CT Green Building Council
++ Leticia 1 - 4 unit housing should have access health barrier remediation.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
If you don't own a Car- how will education on EV help you- they use the bus..
Leticia Colon de Mejias
How sick is it that demand reduction lowers pollution- EV's increase pollution - and because EV's are heavier when they drive the release more PFAs than gas cars. EV= Elc increase
Leticia Colon de Mejias
HOW DO PEOPLE get on EJ working groups?
Stephanie Bahramian
No Leticia, we all know you and your work and please don't undermine the work of others
Stephanie Bahramian
And quite frankly I am tired of listening to you shout
Leticia Colon de Mejias
DEEP is lying and rubber stamping and it is sick nasty and it is exclusion of the meaningful engagement of People of color. You have left us with have NO access to solar- that is exclusion. ALSO it is exclusion to exclude people who know what you are doing- because you want to play smoke and mirror games with our lives. When you exclude our voices- you harm us- when you lie to us you harm us- when you play hide the money - you harm us- and that hurts.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
DEEP allows the green bank to fund specific companies to come to CT and take the work from the CT residents and businesses- DEEP lifts the IPC and Green bank and the rich in general- they get the EV-s while we get the power plants- WTH? ALSO - why would this plan exclude experts from presenting on real work and real outcomes that have been REAL and documented for over 10 years now?
Christine O'Neill (NVCOG)
Stephanie, totally agree with that example.
Leticia Colon de Mejias
@stepahine Bahramian - not offense - If you knew the truth about EJ in CT or EJ anywhere- you would not say that- You have no idea what has happened to our communities- it is sick what they do our people- it is an election year.. they should care about us- we are humans also . I don't care what you think- because you clearly don't care about people who have nothing and have been overlooked this entire time by DEEP and the state of CT. Solar for all has not reached US - yet we keep funding fake research by fake people that are PAID highly .. EJ matters- and If people had a chance or any information maybe they could connect???? BUT THEY DON"T HAVE ANY INFO _ and they picked EV to educate on - as if those in need- want an EV - vs a house that is livable? or a job? or safety?
Cathy Fletcher, City of Bridgeport
Stephanie - can you please share the link to the program?
Alanis Allen, DEEP Office of Climate Planning
You can send to DEEP.ClimateChange@ct.gov
Leticia Colon de Mejias
@stephaine - Or they could use the budget - to tell people - which is called education- and education would connect them to your work... they have budgets.. they can educate on TV- radio- schools- community centers- the Y- ect … keep going your work is important!
Gannon Long, Operation Fuel. she/her
@Cecelia, would love to see Hartford pick up on that composting plan!
Leticia Colon de Mejias
Stephanie Bahramian
Leticia Colon de Mejias
Huan Ngo
Thank you, all!