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Climate Smart Ag. and Forestry Working Group 3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Fargo-Johnson
Hi Everyone, Amanda Fargo-Johnson here from CT RC&D - CT Farm Energy Program
Eric Hammerling
Hi Everyone, Eric Hammerling, Executive Director, Connecticut Forest & Park Association here.
Hannah Reichle
Happy Friday! Hannah Reichle- MetroCOG Regional Planner
Joan Nichols CT Bureau
Joan Nichols Executive Director, CT Farm Bureau joann@cfba.org 860-951-2791
Juliet Cain
Hello! Juliet Cain, Pollinator Pathway
Andrea Urbano, CT DEEP Forestry
Good morning all, and thanks for joining. Andrea Urbano, CT DEEP Forestry - Private & Municipal Lands Program
Chris Donnelly
Chris DonnellyCT Urban Forest Councilretired DEEP
Rebecca French
Agenda for today: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3-2022-agendas-and-minutes/GC3_Climate-Smart-Agriculture-and-Forestry-Agenda-102822.pdf
Robert Fahey
Bob Fahey - UConn
Lisa Hayden
Hello everyone - Lisa Hayden, New England Forestry Foundation
Leigh Whittinghill (CAES)
Good Morning! Leigh Whittinghill- the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
David Irvin
Morning folks, David Irvin here from the Forestry Division, State Lands Management Program.
Lilian Ruiz
Good morning! Lilian Ruiz with the CT Council on Soil and Water Conservation.
Susanna Keriƶ (CAES, CT)
Susanna Keriƶ - Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, focus on urban tree research
Rebecca French
a more detailed agenda is below: Welcome, IntroductionsChairs (Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt, Dept. of Agriculture and Chris Martin, DEEP designee for Deputy Commissioner Mason Trumble)5 minsPresentation: Climate Smart Agriculture Grant Program Review(Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt)15 minsPresentation: Forestry-Related Inflation Reduction Act opportunities(Chris Martin, DEEP designee for Deputy Commissioner Mason Trumble)7 minsEquity and Environmental Justice Discussion with Working Group Members(Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt and Chris Martin)20 minsPublic Comment13 minsAdjourn and Next Steps
Kayleigh Royston
Amanda Fargo-Johnson
CT Farmer Veteran Coalition is also hosting a Farm Transition & Farmland Restoration Grants Workshop with CT DOAG on November 10th at 7pm. More info available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/farm-transition-farmland-restoration-grants-workshop-tickets-450543938047
David Irvin
I thought at the very first meeting, this was only available for private landowners, not public. Has this information changed or was that just a suggestion that is not acted upon?
Christopher Martin
Public being municipal
Juliet Cain
Do these comments include those of this working group?
David Irvin
Jim Hyde
What kind of timeline might this look like for farmers applying to programs for specific projects/funds?
Chris Donnelly
I am assuming that these are 10 year totals. Should we expect the funding to be available at an equal level over each of the 10 years?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
@chris D. I think it depends on the program, but I will let Chris speak to whether he knows the language in the bill.
Chris Donnelly
Well said, Juliet. Thanks.
Latha Swamy
Hi there! Sorry my audio is having issues right now, but happy to offer some reflections on this.
Robert Fahey
Getting back to energy - I think energy resilience is often an issue in rural areas and often related to vegetation-infrastructure conflicts. Also, the transition to solar and other green energy (including new transmission) may be more likely to affect rural areas
Andrea Urbano, CT DEEP Forestry
Good points, Bob. Agreed and thank you. It may also be worth considering the State's promotion of multifamily and affordable housing, and how these development pressures impact woodland owners throughout the state. My hope is we can find a balance in our approach to meeting these State's needs, and perhaps even inform the green infrastructure integration into these developments
Lisa Hayden
Just had a question about the new climate-smart program. In earlier discussions it seemed that there would be a separate Ag & Forestry program, each for $7 million with different practices a sub-programs - but is it correct that the 2 will be merged at $14 million in the program for which the application period is approaching?
David Irvin
Use of these funds to help ensure that private landowners do not have to sell their land for development, because that typically pays more than for conservation, would be beneficial to consider, if any of the grants can be used for that. We need to continue to push to keep our forests IN forest, and I think that is the very first priority. This is something that impacts our forests in both the rural and more suburban/urban settings across our state.
Lisa Hayden
Thank you for clarifying!
Amy Blaymore Paterson
Also CT DEEP Recreation and Natural Heritage Trust program for landowners interested in selling land to CT DEEP directly.
JoAnn Messina
Commissioner Dykes at the end of her address Wednesday told me that we should all be going on the recently opened docket at PURA for rate review of Eversource and UI. If the don't have the funds they will have to reduce their ETT budgets.
Amy Blaymore Paterson
Tuesday, November 1 for land trusts www.ctconservation.org
Amy Blaymore Paterson
Thank you all!