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Responding to Extreme Heat in Connecticut - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca French
Good afternoon everyone. This is Rebecca French, Director of the Office of Climate Planning and I will be assisting with moderating the chat and any technical issues.
Rebecca French
Please add your questions to the chat as they come to you during the presentations. We will take questions from the chat during the 15 minute Q&A following all presenters.
Andrew Lopez
To what document are the page numbers mentioned by Lori references?
William Turley
are there slides?
Rebecca French
The recommendations Lori is describing right now are in this report. https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/DEEP/climatechange/GC3/GC3_Phase1_Report_Jan2021.pdf
Rebecca French
Lori does not have slides.
Rep. David Michel (he,him) Stamford 146th
Lori Mathieu
Thank you Bill, I have no slides, however please note page 47 in the GC3 Phase 1 Report that Rebecca Shared above
Lori Mathieu
the four Public Health & Safety Recommendations that I noted are in the GC3 Phase 1 Report, pages 47 to 49
Patricia Taylor - EHHI (she/her)
Previous Emergency Management has coordinated response to individual events such as short heat waves, hurricanes and floods. What structural changes to the department do you foresee coming to deal with the perpetual conditions forecast by climate scientists for our region?
Rep. David Michel (he,him) Stamford 146th
What is the main part of the environment maintaining our temperatures down? And what are we doing to protect that front line of defense against climate change devastating impacts?
Brenda Watson
Hot weather states have a "protection period" for utility shut offs. Will this agency suggest that as a recommendation to protect the vulnerable during heat waves?
William Turley
next slide
Shubhada Kambli
Thanks for this discussion today. Is there a public source for historical power outage data?
Wayne Cobleigh,GZA,CTGBC
Do we have an understanding where microgrids can be located to have the most benefit for preventing public health and social equity impacts during heat related power outages?
Kathy Fay
To what extent has progress been made on setting up microgrids for keeping the power on within communities with high concentrations of vulnerable residents?
Cynthia Rabinowitz
Apologies - something has come up and I have to exit the zoom. Very interesting and helpful information. Thank you to the organizers and presenters.
Kathy Fay
Wayne, you beat me to it!
Patricia Taylor - EHHI (she/her)
Will local health departments receive federal resources through the state towards their local climate change responses?
Kathy Fay
Does HHS have any plans to help in the effort of beefing up home energy conservation and efficiency programs to ensure that barriers to insulating, air sealing, and generally weatherizing the homes of vulnerable residents?
Patricia Taylor - EHHI (she/her)
Does DEMHS have plans to coordinate or use a GIS or health disparities mapping tool or public health phone alerts as part of their public notification plan along with press releases through the Governor's office, if such tools are developed?
Kathy Fay
Also to prepare for resident safety against extreme heat events, how will state step in to accelerate installation of residential heat pumps to provide cooling as well as heating? How do you see the role of the state in overcoming current restrictions against "fuel switching" in existing residential energy efficiency programs?
Joseph Roy
Good question Kathy. To add to that, as the state pushes towards decarbonization, heat pumps will become a more common upgrade following the weatherization programs. This technology offers cooling to residents as well.
Rebecca French
Please keep adding questions here for all speakers. Lori is monitoring and will pull a few for this Q&A.
Wayne Cobleigh,GZA,CTGBC
Any proposals to partner with hotels for heat shelters to get an emergency heat rate, voucher or heat rebate?
Kathy Fay
Have cost comparisons been done to account for beefing up cooling center accessibility, communication and transit to cooling centers vs microgrids plus home energy installations?
Diana McCarthy-Bercury
Are there any plans to add building and infrastructure requirements to help mitigate heat retention within the developed environment?
Huân Ngô
Great works. Q: What is our response & planning to mental health vulnerabilities during and post-heatwave?
Kathy Fay
When recording is saved will the chat questions also be saved with it for review after this session?
Nick Pacella
Are there any plans to transition ownership/management of the utilities to the communities they serve?
Rebecca French
@brenda - I asked DEEP team to weigh in here and it would be a PURA (Public Utility Regulatory Agency) decision.
Kathy Fay
To Brenda's response to Brenda Watson's question would your department be willing to be proactive in sending a letter to PURA seeking to address the safety period?
Wayne Cobleigh,GZA,CTGBC
We need cool roofs and heat resilient/green buildings standards for these public access buildings used as cooling centers, "lead by example" with energy efficiency, back up power, etc..
Rebecca French
@shubahada - yes the utilities post the reliability metrics called SAIDI and SAIFI that track the number and duration of disruptions. They're filed in the PURA dockets.
Rep. David Michel (he,him) Stamford 146th
We need to accept broad changes to our lifestyle! Make sure your elected officials are on board!We need an action plan that focusses on several items:. Protect our frontline of defense - the Ocean - Marine Eco Systems need every player (creature) on board to re-solidify our "walls" - Moratorium against all heavy gear industrial fishing fleets / Moratorium against fishing (except for directly dependent native communities) - take away all subsidies from fishing fleets and repurpose a part of those subsidies to give to the independent fishermen to pull trash out of our waters and not fish - Moratorium against any human activities in the Ocean and Seas causing any stress on the marine environment - commit to strong regulations against all forms of pollution in the water, including NOISE - CT --> immediate ban on all Trawlers, Seines, and Long Lines - and continuing to strengthen the environmental standards for Offshore Wind.
Rep. David Michel (he,him) Stamford 146th
Its a mix of efforts between state federal and municipal…Make a PROPER assessment of the sources of the problems - all emissions to be inventoried including from animal agriculture and from the foods we eat.. Take away all subsidies from the Animal Agriculture - if they sell at a loss they should be closed - repurpose some of those subsidies to promote organic plant farming. Take away any subsidies from any perpetrator (causes of emissions) and ask them to change their model or cease all contributing activitiesCities are responsible for 70% of emissions:. Plant trees in cities and if any healthy tree is taken away, needs to be replaced with equal or greater shade and carbon absorption by private and public sector. Green roofs limiting stormwater pollution and reduces heat as well. Energy Efficiency only construction (private and public sector). Infrastructure Mitigation. Infrastructure Retrofitting
Rep. David Michel (he,him) Stamford 146th
Thank you, great meeting, lots of information
Patricia Taylor - EHHI (she/her)
This has been a great presentation. Very thought-provoking and towards solutions and with residential health as a focus - much appreciated.
Kathy Fay
To Wayne's point, it should be noted that we have local and worker owned businesses that specialize in green and cool roofs.
Mary Sanders
Rep Michels' comments in chat +++++
Shubhada Kambli
Information on Hartford's Climate Action Plan can be found under Resources/Plans at this link. Information on the City's microgrid is in the Energy Improvement District Board's Comprehensive Plan https://www.hartfordct.gov/sustainability
Wayne Cobleigh,GZA,CTGBC
Are Arborists in CT working on planting climate resilient shade trees on public parks?
Tim Maurer
Hi everyone,echnology can lower energy usage, kW demand, costs and GHGs 20%-30%, by reducing the need to take in, cool and heat outside air up to 85%. Especially in extreme summer and winter periods when facility and grid peaks occur, The grid is dirtiest and facility HVAC is stressed. This can help avert rolling blackouts and GHGs that cause heatwaves.
Huân Ngô
Thank you