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Organics Infrastructure Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Cheryl Cappiali
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Denise Raap
Denise Raap, First Selectman Litchfield
Bud McAllister
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Bud McAllister
Bud McAllister
Bud McAllister
Partners in Healthy Communities
Bud McAllisterPartners in Healthy Communities
Bud McAllister
Bud McAllisterPartners in Healthy Communities
Whaling City Economic Development Corp PO Box 1427 NL, Ct. 06320 860 961-8228
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
Sallie Calhoun/ Schumacher Center New Economics/ https://centerforneweconomics.org/newsletters/sallie-calhoun-and-greg-watson-videos-available-for-viewing/
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
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Edith Pestana
Hi Bud!! thank you for attending this meeting.
Chelsey Hahn - CT DEEP
Can folks see the slides?
Lidia Howard
Lucy Hinckley
Gabrielle Frigon
Joe Colello - Hamden
Justin Williams - DEEP
Chris Nelson
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Chelsey Hahn - CT DEEP
This presentation is being recorded and the slides and recording will be on our CCSMM website
Scott Kalb
If several municipalities s got together to set-up a a common collection point for food waste, that could then be picked up and hauled to a food waste processor, what would be the proper permitting process to handle this? What would be the requirements? Would the collection point have to be at a transfer station?
Gabrielle Frigon
The slides will be available on the CCSMM webpage within a few days
Lidia Howard
Camille could you please check your email. A note about air permits before the slides get email to everyone. Thanks! Lidia
Joe Colello - Hamden
Can satellite stations in Hamden fall under our transfer station general permit?
Gabrielle Frigon
Yes, there is a simple approval process to establish a satellite collection location for materials to be recycled.
Chuck Litty
Same question but for a community without a satellite location but is new to food scraps diversion - If a town wants to open a location to enable residents to drop off food scraps into toters that will be picked up by a food scrap hauler, what permitting is required, if any?
Janice Ehlemeyer - Recycling Coordinator CT River Estuary Planni
composting at a transfer station and hiring a vendor to supply a container for food waste allow for a SW permi
Janice Ehlemeyer - Recycling Coordinator CT River Estuary Planni
Gabrielle Frigon
There is a simple approval process to establish a satellite collection location for materials to be recycled for a municipality that holds a registration under the municipal transfer station GP.
Joe Colello - Hamden
Thank you 😊
Janice Ehlemeyer - Recycling Coordinator CT River Estuary Planni
Composting at a municipal transfer station only allows food waste to remain on site for 48 hours. That is really to short of a time for a vendor to pickup food waste. Can that time frame be extended to allow for a vendor to pickup food waste weekly. most transfer stations do not have refrigeration for food waste
Gabrielle Frigon
For municipalities that want to collaborate for food scrap diversion, a convenient location needs to be established. The easiest way to do that is to have a town that holds a registration under the MTS GP to request authorization for a regional satellite collection location and then the identified municipalities will be authorized to aggregate their food scraps at the location.
Rebecca Bunnell
Yes, the 48 hours is an issue as it dramatically increases haulage costs
Rebecca Bunnell
Can that be extended to a wekek in winter?
Gabrielle Frigon
Towns may obtain authorization to compost food scraps at registered town leaf composting sites or other sites. Municipalities will need to plan for the operations though. We have a lot of information on our website for municipal composting operations for leaves and we will have more information for composting food scraps soon.
Joe Colello - Hamden
Are there any grants available to help Municipalities move forward as soon as possible?
Has any consideration been given to permitting the comingling of municipal wastewater solids with organic food waste in AD's? This will alleviate the high volume of solids at the incinerator sights and promote AD construction.
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
Aggregating is a Great Idea
Chelsey Hahn - CT DEEP
Additionally there is a newly formed group The Connecticut Compost Alliance looking to work on those issues and ideas you are siting, Delia.
Joe Colello - Hamden
Tha m
Joe Colello - Hamden
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
Scott would you put your E:mail in the Chat
Caren Harder
apologies my internet stopped. I’m in now if any questions are needed
Scott Kalb
Hi Bud, here is my email scottkalb.RTM@gmail.com.
Denise Raap 1st Selectman Litchfield
Litchfield - email 1stselectman@townoflitchfield.org
Chelsey Hahn - CT DEEP
All of the attendees emails will also be listed in the meeting minutes
Gabrielle Frigon
Feel free to contact me at gabrielle.frigon@ct.gov, I am the Assistant Director for the Waste Engineering and Enforcement Division that has oversight for solid waste permitting.
Chuck Litty
A startup guide some common scenarios - such as towns interested in establishing a transfer station drop off site with haulers - would be very helpful
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
A question that I would offer to the panelists and attendees is as follows [Rod McNeil, AgCycle Power - Milford {project site & local developer}]: «What will it take for Connecticut to meet its 1/3 of MSW organics diversion challenge?»
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
… [Rod McNeil, AgCycle Power - Milford] i.e., perhaps we should look from the top down as well as from the bottom up
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
… [Rod McNeil, AgCycle Power - Milford] e.g., to situate myself, it would seem that to meet a 1/3 of MSW organics Connecticut will need to separate down to the residential level and will need to ensure that such material is available to projects to drive development
Maya Loewenberg - DECD
any good examples locating on brownfield sites?
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
Great this speaks to the Whole Systems Approach: Geo-thermal and Solar Microgrid Districts
Maya Loewenberg - DECD
it may want to mention that DECD and/or Advance CT could help with site finding
Denise Raap 1st Selectman Litchfield
Litchfield WasteWater Treatment Plant used to host Anaerobic Digesters. Plenty of Land, power and sewage.
David Bodendorf - MIRA
Series of questions for Brian:
David Bodendorf - MIRA
Tip Fee for Food?
David Bodendorf - MIRA
PPA sale price to Town?
David Bodendorf - MIRA
REC price if RECs are sold
Joe Colello - Hamden
Hello Brian,
Robert Isner DEEP
Hi Maya, glad you could join today - lots of potential projects being discussed.
Joe Colello - Hamden
Hamden will be hauling to you shortly.
David Bodendorf - MIRA
What percentage of feedstock is food, and of that food what is ratio of pre to post consumer?
Denise Raap 1st Selectman Litchfield
How much does it cost per ton to process organics at one of these types of facilities?
Joe DeRisi
Brian, if construction waste ,specifically wood ,could be uncontaminated - framing cut offs, etc. , that have no paint or nails ,could it be composted in your system ?
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
… [Rod McNeil, AgCycle Power - Milford] We have a large commercial composting site in southwestern Connecticut in Milford. The project site is a mile from the interstate, in a utility characterized industrial zone, adjacent to a wastewater treatment plant, on route to a transfer station, near a substation and with access to distribution and transmission gas. We have and have had access to capital and technology appropriate for anaerobic digestion, and we have a solid grasp of and communication with the permitting process. What has held us back from primarily from providing a solution that ‘specifically helps Connecticut’s waste management issues’ is (1) mainly, the availability of local food residuals feedstock and (2) somewhat, flexible off-take options that embrace biogas as well as clean energy.
Stacey Ohlmann Leitch
who pays and/or arranges the collection and delivery of the material? is that left to the municipalities?
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
We need public/ private partnerships and share the development costs with the state. The State is currently bonding at 1.9% we need to create 100 million revolving fund
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
Thanks [Rod McNeil, AgCycle Power - Milford; mcneil.rod@agcyclepower.com, (781) 258-6062]
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
The technology class used for anaerobic digestion is very dependent to the type of source separation. Residential source separation most likely implies a different class of anaerobic digestion technology and front and back-end processes than does commercial source separation. This complicates greatly the idea of working on the low hanging fruit first, which is what we seem to have been doing as a state so far.
Scott Kalb
The biggest problem in freeing up the flow of food waste and getting it out of the waste stream is the economics. We have to offer an economic solution to businesses and municipalities to do so. One of the biggest costs is transporting food waste across the state to distantly located processors. Perhaps this can be managed by setting up local collection points for food waste so that municipalities can share costs and provide an economic solution for businesses to separate out their food waste. It would be economic for food waste processors too, as they can come directly to a centralized pick-up point to collect the food waste.
Rashi Akki - Ag-Grid Energy
Ag-Grid is developing a farm digester at Hytone Farms in Coventry. Hoping to connect with municipalities that are close to Coventry to work on food waste collection. Please feel free to connect with us at rashi.akki@aggridenergy.com. Thanks for all the interest.
Rashi Akki - Ag-Grid Energy
Ag-Grid is developing a farm digester at Hytone Farms in Coventry. Hoping to connect with municipalities that are close to Coventry to work on food waste collection. Please feel free to connect with us at rashi.akki@aggridenergy.com. Thanks for all the interest.
Nick Skeadas
FYI: my email address is: nick@curbcompost.org. Also, our website is: www.curbcompost.org
Jon Fife
Krishna: We can take meats. There are strict rules and regulations in order to do so such as heating the material to 212 degrees for a minimum of 30 minutes. Before the recent increase in regulatory oversight, meat was diverted directly to farms without these processing requirements which caused significant issues.
Gabrielle Frigon - DEEP
CT has two AD facilities that take food scraps generated off-site. Quantum in Southington and Fort Hill Farm in Thompson. There is at least one other AD facility but it is private and only processes self-generated farm waste. Farm AD simply means that it is co-located at a farm. For the law that provides for am exemption from solid waste permitting of an AD at an animal feeding operation where at least 50% of the feedstock is manure please see general statutes sec. 22a-208cc.
Richard Meinert
Eric would USA Hauling be interested inRNG for trucks from AD rather than CNG? Wha t price point would the RNG need to meet?
Denise Raap 1st Selectman Litchfield
For USA Hauling, Would you consider food waste diversion collection for commercial sites like restaurants, that you already serve?. Years ago, I asked USA Hauling to add a food waste collection dumpster but their was an additional cost of $250
Kim O'Rourke - Middletown
For towns that have primarily private subscription trash collection, what would it take for the private haulers to move to residential collection of organics. How can a town and the private haulers work together to make that happen?
Eric Fredericksen, USA/All American Waste & Recycling
Richard, it is something we are looking at with our partner Clean Energy.
Eric Fredericksen, USA/All American Waste & Recycling
Denise, good to hear from you... we do offer food waste diversion to our commercial customers - but to your point, it does have cost associated for the hauling and processing. We are happy to talk with any customer to explore options.
Chelsey Hahn - CT DEEP
DEEP will be collecting the unanswered (and answered) questions and sending them to the panelists to answer and we will put that together to share out with everyone with the additional resources after this call wraps up. Thanks for all these great questions!
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
There is a balancing act between off-take support and food residuals tip fee … if one desires to have more palatable cost for the waste side, the one needs higher support on the off-take side, and, in that case, anaerobic digestion can become less competitive than other renewables in power purchase procurement, even though that structure may be policy preferred
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
Thanks Bert!
Rashi Akki - Ag-Grid Energy
Anaerobic Digestion may need a targeted strategies. Currently they are being fitted with solar and wind. But since AD is carbon negative - I think we would be able to justify carbon mitigation credits.
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
Thanks again Bert!
Rashi Akki - Ag-Grid Energy
Ag-Grid has partnered with municipalities to sell VNM. That approach seems to work well.
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
Thank you Katie!
Rod McNeil - AgCycle
Thank you all!
Jorge Montezuma, Atlas Organics
Thank you very much for having me. One suggestion for municipalities: please consider separating hauling and processing in future RFIs or RFPs. It makes it easier for haulers and processors to provide bids.
Joe Colello - Hamden
Thank you from Hamden. Joe Colello, Hamden Superintendent of Sanitation, Recycle & Waterways / Transfer Station. 😊 203-619-4052
Bud McAllister, Partners in Healthy Communities
Chicken and Egg Approach/ Whole Systems Approach: Planning and Development/ Transportation/ Renewable Energy/ Water and Waste Water/ Recycling/ Urban Farming and Forestry
Greetings and thank you for an impactful forum.
D Lauricella
Great discussion DEEP!! Do you have model language for local Ordinances for Residential and Commercial food diversion ? How about School Districts? Thank you in advance.
Debra Darby
Thank you for the great discussion today!