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Plastic Bag Programs and Initiatives: State and County Efforts - Shared screen with speaker view
Sherill Baldwin
If you have questions, please post them in the chat box.
martin mador
so you did this on a county scope. thoughts on statewide or local?
Cyril May
What was the process like to pass the ordinance with respect to pushback from county residents who disliked the idea of a bag ban/charge?
Catherine Wolfe
Was there any consumer education provided by you prior to initiation of the ordinance, or was that up to the retailers to provide?
Sherill Baldwin
If you have any questions, please post them here.
carl fortuna
Have you engaged any plastic bag manufacturers?
martin mador
what legislators can you id now who are supportive?
Louis Burch
Rep. Kim Rose, Rep. David Michel, Rep. Joe Gresko to name a few
Anne Saunders
Are plastic bags a problem in MSW, many ppl use them to contain their MSW, is this a future issue?
Patricia Taylor
How do we register for the January 16 Regional Workshop on Sustainable Development?
Mary Hogue
CTLCV sent out candidate questionaires and one of the six questions was about plastic bag ban. Here are the list of folks that have responded strongly they would support this legislation at the state level: Ned Lamont, Annie Hornish, Marilyn, Moore, Alex Larsson, Terrie Wood, and Cristin McCarthy Vahey.
Cyril May
Thanks! Good information!