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DEEP GC3 Climate Solutions Webinar - “No Net Loss of Forest” Policy – Advice from Maryland and New Jersey - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Keeler
Good Afternoon from Milford Conservation Commission.
sharon lynch
Please post link to report in Chat? Thanks.
Alec Shub
All of the GC3 working group reports can be found here: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/GC3/GC3-Working-group-reports
Chris Donnelly
what definition of forest cover is MD using through this Act?
Rick Jacobson
Under NJ's model, are there any implications for traditional forest management practices (harvests) on state forests? Similar question relative to habitat management for wildlife that involves removing trees (ie. young forest management)
marnie greenwood
Is there any Federal legislation for net loss?
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
Where can we find more information on how no net loss is part of NJ's 80 x 50 strategy?
Colleen Murphy-Dunning
I have friends in Takoma Park, MD who told me that homeowners can't remove certain trees from their own property without approval from some town entity. Do you know if that's true and is so, are there any other cities/towns that do that as well?
Mike Rouleau
Unlike NJ, does Maryland's NNL apply to town/county/locally-owned land?
Chris Donnelly
Colleen - in CT, yes, Hartford. Much more common outside of CT (e.g. Westchester and Suffolk Counties)
Kavita Macleod
Colleen - yes that is true of Takoma Park. You need to pay for a permit from the City (approved after a visit from the City arborist) in order to remove a tree on private property.
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
are forests the only ecosystem to be part of the 80x50 plan or did I also hear wetlands included there as well? Are agriculture lands included?
Fred Behringer
Here in CT solar farms are contributing to forest loss – is this occurring in MD and NJ and if so how are these states approaching this issue?
Amy Paterson
For both states, please describe in further detail some of the funding and tax incentive provisions. For example, in looking at the MD Act I see reference to incentives to plant native trees, as well as use of recording fees and transfer tax revenue for programs.
Raul de Brigard
Why is there no state map showing all lands signed up under 490 as forest lands? Why is no one tracking the degree to which this program is helping in the preservation of forest in CT
Francia Alvarez
what about “edge forests” along transportation corridors ie. railroads, I95, Merritt Parkway ROW’s? CT Coastal town experience clear-cutting along the corridors.
Mary Pelletier
Should the issue be “no net ecosystem service loss”? So as to address the problem caused by the loss of mature trees?
Carrie Sargeant
Beth Sullivan
How does "deforestation" to create new habitat, young forests fit in? Over a short time there are surely many more "stems" and ultimately trees down the line. Is there a time frame for re-establishment of tree species/ tree cover.
Carrie Sargeant
Lisa Pauley
@Mary Pelletier, EXACTLY. All forests are not created equal. Only mature forests can offer the biodiversity needed, and the trees communicate through their root system with so many other beings, including humans.
Christopher Martin
Maryland: Forest Preservation Act: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/2013RS/bills/hb/hb0706T.pdfhttps://dnr.maryland.gov/forests/Documents/nonetlossfinalreport.pdfNew Jersey: NNLF Program Guidelines https://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/forest/community/pdf_files/NNL_Program_Guidelines.pdf
Ryan Keeler
The majority of undeveloped open spaces and forested land are privately owned. How can we ensure that these lands remain in their natural states when in economic and legal conflict?
Ann Beaudin
Town policies affect urban plantings as well as local woodlands and forests How can towns imprint on leaders to stop cutting trees and eroding away larger blocks of trees.
Christopher Martin
Frank and Ann Zitkus
Yes, "No Net Ecosystem Service Loss" is much clearer and more helpful language.
Jean Linville
with reforesting efforts what are the considerations with species being chosen? Doug Talamy's work? Fruit and nut trees?
Denise Savageau
Good comment from Carrie on tree replacement. Similar problem was experience in Greenwich.
Mary Pelletier
within urban-suburban areas, the large forest blocks tend to be on riparian corridors, which provide considerable benefits as migratory pathways. Should the benefits of forests along riparian corridors be specifically identified/protected in high-density urban-suburban areas?
Evan Griswold
How about thinking about “No net loss of Forest soils”?
Colleen Murphy-Dunning
Rebecca - there is a question in the Chat attributed to me, but I did NOT send the message.
Denise Savageau
Evan - Yes - need to consider forest soils
Diane Lauricella
What advice can each of these professional give about how to handle tree management in electric utility Rights of Way? Can also include DOT, Rail lines...But please focus on Electric Utilities like Eversource ROW aggressive practice. Thank you.
Jerry Milne
Our dependence on property taxes is a major reason for forest loss. Towns have to encourage the creation of industrial parks and commercial uses to produce property taxes. This means forests are cut down. We have to revise our entire tax structure so development isn't encouraged to produce property taxes.
Chris Donnelly
Is this sort of program better administered as a state-wide program or at the local level. At the state level to set the policy, but at the local level to administer.
Frank and Ann Zitkus
Absolutely agree that schools should not be primarily funded by towns in CT. Current town funding of schools results in loss of open space and also greatest education inequity in nation between poorer and richer towns.
David Bingham
Expanding PA490 to include smaller forested lots would provide an additional local incentive for landowners to keep these lots forested.
Denise Savageau
The LISS RCPP brought over $4M from USDA NRCS for forest easements in the Long Island Sound Watershed. To prioritize, also targeted funds to source water protection (drinking water). So have some history on using forests in watershed protection. Have you prioritized source water protection watersheds for No Net Loss similar to protecting Chesapeake?
David Bingham
PA490 expansion may be opposed by local legislators because it lowers critical local property tax revenues, so perhaps forest loss mitigation fees could be applied to reimburse towns for that income loss, since protection of these forests does mitigate forest loss overall.
Kavita Macleod
A note that the Highstead Foundation is working on estimating the carbon stock & seq benefits of forests in New England, and as a part of this we are estimating the potential carbon benefits for CT of a no net loss policy. Results are not available yet but we will have a report soon.
Eric Sprague
Maryland's Forest Conservation Act also exempts forest management. Management is not seen a land use change.
Beth Sullivan
Perfect Carrie. Thank you for your answer to that management question!
gary allen
Thanks for this opportunity
Kathleen Labadorf
Bravo to all!
Diane Lauricella
Thank you !!!
Lisa Hayden
Great content - thanks to all!
Diane Hoffman
Excellent webinar! Great panel and chat. Thank you!
Rebecca French, CT DEEP
Thank you to our speaker!
Rick Jacobson
Eric, Chris and all the speakers. Thanks
Lisa Wahle
Great info! Thanks!
Mary Pelletier
Lisa Pauley
thank you.