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How to Collect Food Scraps for Composting and/or Anaerobic Digestion - Shared screen with speaker view
Sherill Baldwin
Hello everyone. We'll start in about 6-8 minutes.
Sherill Baldwin
Please type your questions in here for any of our presenters
Myra Klockenbrink
If these guys can do it, anybody can!
Julie DesChamps
Greenwich lies outside of the areas mandated to divert food scraps; we are about 40 miles from the nearest licensed facility. What can be done to encourage large generators to participate in diversion efforts? Has local legislation been passed in any municipalities?
Sherill Baldwin
Please add any questions here.
Julie Cammarata
To Chris and John - how much of your waste comes from within the 20 miles radius? Would extending the radius to 40 miles or more help bring in more waste or would removing exemptions help? What’s the next best step to get more waste to your facilities?
Virginia Walton
How easy would it be to change the system from producing electricity to producing renewable natural gas.
Julie Cammarata
Exempts schools and state buildings, I believe
Carolyn Bayne
To Chris and John: do you consider compostable bags contamination (ones that meet the BPI standard)? From a municipal standpoint, it’s difficult to implement a program without accepting them.
Barbara Bettigole
For small rural towns beyond 20 miles (and some beyond 40 miles), has there been any cooperation among towns to share collection and hauling costs? Maybe regional COGs, or other types of consortiums?
Daniel Martens
Can there be a law that all compostable products have to be a certain color? Maybe green and that non compostable products can not be green or another color. The contamination happens at the venue. So this way consumers will know if they can put them in their bin. At the composter if it’s mostly green that is OK if not the color reject.
Brian Bartram
Tipping fees vs MSW?